Restaurant Week Organizers - Tips for 2009!

Okay - last week was Restaurant Week as you could tell by my blog. I went out 4 out of 5 days and have some thoughts... So after all the photos and's an open letter to Restaurant Week restaurants and organizers...

1. Treat the patrons like you would your full-price customers! I don't like feeling like a 2nd class citizen because I'm getting "a deal". What do I mean by this? Service - keep it up just like you would any other time! Let us sit in the regular part of the restaurant - give us the full experience! If I like you (Hugo Hugo Hugo) - I'll definitely be back!!!

2. Fork over some bread - good lord people - you can't even give up a little basket of bread? When you make me wait 20 minutes for the first course - I'M KINDA HUNGRY! Okay - part two of this - make the bread good! Or at least have some flavored butter or something - warm it up - add some salt on the outside (Walt's Hitching Post) - something! There is NOTHING worse than dry cold bread with a rock hard scoop of butter that cannot be spread if my life depended on it!

3. Vegetarians like fancy food too! Only ONE restaurant featured an all-vegetarian possibility for a menu (Yeah! Andy's). Now - others would substitute if you asked but I know 2 vegetarians that didn't even bother because they didn't think there weren't any options for them!

4. Service Service Service - waiting 20+ minutes between courses is simply ridiculous. It sure doesn't make me want to come back.

5. Your desserts are fabulous - they're unique and interesting and very tasty. Keep it up!

6. Re: #5 - Can we now do that same thing with the entrees? I mean - if you're going to serve steak - that's great - we understand that - but make something special! Don't just give us mashed potatoes and plain old grilled veges with it! (Again - kudos to Hugo!)

7. Change up the menu! Nothing is more disappointing than being giddy about restaurant week and getting reservations to your favorite restaurant and then when you get there - with all your friends - with all the anticipation of a child at Christmas looking at the big huge box that looks just the right size for that brand new pink bike they've dreamed about - you find out it's the EXACT SAME MENU AS LAST TIME! Cuz let me tell you - when that box didn't have a pink bike in it - I was PISSED!

8. Add the lunch deal! Many cities have a special rate for lunch specials during RW too - try that out next time!

9. Give us a way to tell our friends! Yes - even with all my complaints - I love to spread the word about Restaurant Week. Make a handy-dandy little "send to a friend" on your website. If you don't know how - let me know - I know people. (Seriously - I do!)

10. Give people that write a food blog entitled Food Hussy a special table with flowers and cards and dancing men. (Hey - it can't hurt to throw it out there!)

So there you have it - Restaurant Week peeps - read and take it all in!

And now - a few personal RW awards:

Best of the Best: Hugo's steak - melt in your mouth, unique flavor, great combo
Biggest Disappointment: Daveed's steak - 1/2 fat, 1/2 ribeye
Dessert I can't forget: Bella Luna's Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding (so unique)
* Honorable mention to Jag's for their brownie/ice cream

So - all of you that went to RW somewhere? What did you think? Do you agree with any of my Top 10? (Especially #10 - come on!!!!)

Talk to me...


  1. Haha love this! Specifically #1 - I got off my soapbox on your comments the other night before I got to this point, but yeah... restaurant week SHOULD be their opportunity to impress a first time customer and get them to come back again and again for the regular menu. Bad service or snotty servers won't entice anyone, no matter how good the food is.

    #8 I wasn't aware they did this elsewhere but I would LOVE it. I eat out for lunch as much as dinner, and they would definitely be able to get a different segment of people involved if there was a lunch option.

    #10 OBVIOUSLY (well, as long as they include all local bloggers who talk about food)

  2. Agreed - on #10 - I was being selfish - figure I'll get myself some dancing men and then share them!