Fried Chicken Fabulousness

So the other night my buddy Scott and his family headed to the Greyhound Tavern in NKY after a big day at Keeneland! They were lucky enough to have me join them! haha

I started out normally with a side salad...nothing interesting there - iceberg lettuce, blah blah blah. The honey mustard was good though. They also had sesame sticks on the salad which is nice crunch.

Then I decided to try the fried chicken for my main dish - I've heard so much about the chicken - I had to get some!

I must also mention the crusty bread - it was perfect! Crusty and soft and served warm with softened butter. Good job Greyhound Tavern!

Before we visit the chicken - lets discuss the sides - pretty bad I have to say. The only plain vegetable they had to offer was mushrooms. (spinach casserole and carrot souffle weren't peaking my interest - gak!) They were kind of tasty but really salty and just an odd "vegetable" side - I mean - broccoli or beans - yes - but mushrooms? Then, the mashed potatoes - gak! They were like the kind I used to have in the Swanson Frozen Dinners as a kid! You remember how they kind of came out all in one chunk and you had to eat them just so your parents would let you have the brownie? Oh man - those brownies were good - but these mashed taters weren't!

But now - the chicken - really great chicken!!!! We got 4 pieces (leg, wing, breast, thigh) and they were perfectly cooked. Extremely flavorful, the seasoning was tasty but not too much of anything! With all the extras - I only ate the leg & wing - so I had 2 pieces left to take home!

All in all - the meal was up and down - great fried chicken - I'd recommend that - and the bread - very very good. The rest - meh...

Then the price - I had a soda, fried chicken and salad and it was $22 - that seems high to me...I just kinda felt like $20+ was a bit much.

Because of the awesomeness of the chicken - I'll go with 3 stars...

Re: atmosphere - I would say it's been well documented as sort of "an old people place" - and that held true...but hey - good fried chicken is good fried chicken! So - if you're looking for a place to take your family - head to the Greyhound Tavern off Buttermilk Pike in NKY.

Greyhound Tavern
2500 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, KY. 41017
(859) 331-3767 (859) 331-3409 (fax)


  1. Ooh... I've only been there once, but the fried chicken salad was solid!

  2. So I went to Greyhound Saturday on the recommendation of Jenny...and it was excellent! I think maybe they added some plain sides since you were there last because they had a vegetable medley and one more plain one, I think.

    I got the Kentucky Hot Brown and the hot slaw...and oh goodness, it was excellent!

    I thought the service was excellent...drinks were always full and they constantly checked on us. There were eight of us and they got everything right for the whole group. I'll go back for sure.