Gordo's Review - Norwood, OH

So there's been talk of a new burger place in town that has awesomeness on a plate - at a good price to boot - so I had to check it out!

I'm talking about Gordo's in Norwood - it's right across from the Norwood Library on Montgomery Rd. They don't have a website that I could find - if someone knows it - please send along and I'll link it!

So now - the important stuff - THE BURGERS!

The top photo is the Gordo burger - which has boursin cheese (I think? really creamy ala goat cheese but begins with a b) as well as mushrooms, bacon and some other stuff.

The second photo is a blackened burger with tomato, bacon and more good stuff...

All burgers come with fries at around $7.50.

They also have a wide variety of other items on the menu - appetizers, sandwiches and "entrees" such as pasta, etc...

The atmostphere is nice...it's recently been redone and looks great on the inside.

All that said - the service was a bit slow and it wasn't very busy (4 tables out of 20). Secondly - the burgers were all overcooked and dry. I asked for mine medium rare and everybody else asked for medium - they were all pretty much well done.

But the service (other than wait time) was great and the taste of the burgers was good. I like that they are trying unique flavors and the menu does look great. I'd like to go back and try them again...

I really love the burgers at Terry's - these are good but not as good as those - IMHO. BUT I do want to go back and try some of the other menu options...

So - the burgers - a 2.5 star - but I'm going to give it another whirl because it's close-by, affordable and has unique options. So let's say 2.75 stars!

Gordo’s Pub & Grill
4328 Montogmery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212
M-F 4pm-2:30am
Sat 11:30am-2:30am
Sun 11:30am-12am

Updated addendum: 12/6/08

I finally tried something else - got the chicken breast entree with bacon and mushrooms. It came with 2 sides and I chose roasted veges and potatoes gratin. It was delicious! Terry's has the best burgers in town - hands down. But Gordo's - you got that right! I can't wait to go back and try the other entrees!

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  1. hahaha! i just had terry's... we must both be thinking burgers. i have to try gordo's, i keep hearing about that place!

  2. This is the greatest name of a place I've never heard of.

    How were the fries?

    Glad to hear that Norwood has internet now.

  3. i liked the fries - they weren't super crispy but that's the way i like them...they were seasoned nicely as well.

    they have happy hour specials of 75 cents off drinks and $1 off appetizers.

    i really want to try their entrees...did i mention they also have a jean robert burger - it has goat cheese in it and grape compote on top...looked tasty enough...i might like a chicken sandwich with their burger toppings like you can do at red robin...

  4. I still think Gaslight Cafe in Pleasant Ridge has not only the best burgers, but the best fries in town.

    To me it's like Zips, but without the 35-minute wait for a table.

  5. That is my hood! I do love the Gaslight - I need to do a one-night comparison of Gaslight vs. Terry's - cuz I can't imagine someone beating Terry's?!!!!!

  6. We went to Gordo's a week or two ago, both got burgers. Both were ordered medium. Mine came out well done, hers came out RAW. Not a little pink, not a little bloody, but cold and RAW. We both eat meat regularly and know the difference, and can really actually enjoy a medium-rare meat. This was RAW. Please see the pictures I took of her burger at my review written on www.Urbanspoon.com

    Meal was served last Saturday, Jan. 17, around noon.

    If you want worms, eat at Gordo's. -never again.

  7. Gordo Doesn’t Get-It
    Can’t comment on the food since by the time my order was found & prepared I reached a boiling point. My apologies to those patrons who witnessed my displeasure with how we were treated. No regrets, no apologies, just a blank stare from Old Gordo as if “who are you to complain”. Don’t expect even average service from this establishment.
    We had a large crowd and asked “old Gordo” to provide more support to our waitress but none was provided. We flagged down the bartender as he passed by and he said he could take a drink order but replied NO since “it wasn’t his station”. As most of the party was finishing their meal the waitress realized some of us didn’t receive our order, Duh. Just a total apathy towards providing great customer service.
    I read through the reviews on urbanspoon and if service was mentioned it’s 50/50. Service Apathy! I lost my appetite when my order was finally served.