Floyd's Review

So tonight - "Get in mah belly," "Veggie Options" and I decided to have a Cinci Blog Babe Convention at Floyd's in Clifton!

Aren't we adorable? Veggie was taking the picture - she's a little camera shy...

We had all been chatting and decided to have a bloggers night out to someplace new. We wanted to try the Baltic place in Mason but it closed - so we decided to go for Floyd's.

The specialty at Floyd's is the chicken - you should actually call ahead a couple hours to
reserve your bird!

The other girls will be writing their blogs too - so I'll just enlighten you about my selections! I chose the hummus (or hommos on their menu), the spanokopita and a half chicken. I decided to try a nice variety!

The hummus was delish!!! Very tangy - definitely could taste the tahini in it. Although - I'm now partial to Sabra brand - but for a more authentic kind - it was good.

Next up the spanokopita - very good. Everything there is pre-made for the most part. They showed us all of the sides ahead of time so we could make a more informed decision. The spanokopita just looked awesome - so I decided I had to have that... It was very good - the phylo was light and crispy - the spinach & feta mixture was almost "meaty". I really liked it.

Next up with the chicken - it's spit roasted and very full of lemon & garlic. I like the flavor but it was a bit dry - which can happen with white meat chicken.

Lastly - dessert! We couldn't skip that. The girls each went with baklava - I decided on the Lebanese pancakes - two pancakes filled with creme fraiche, topped with pistachios and syrup. I have to say - it was fab-u-lous! Dipping in the clear simple syrup is essential - the rest isn't that sweet - so that's a perfect balance!

Overall - it was a great meal - my bill for 2 sodas and all of the above was $26 - but I did order 2 entrees so I wasn't surprised. The menu is a bit spotty as far as the offerings - tonight - no falafel, kibbi or any of the specials.

The company helped - we had a great time and I think this is just the first of many blogging dinners for these babes!

You might be asking - Heather - you didn't mention any beans? Your headline says birds AND beans! Well...the side they're famous for is Lima Beans. Now you're saying - I don't like lima beans! Who does? Well - let me tell you - you'll like these! They're great!

I'll give Floyd's a solid 3 star - good food - very unique and I always like when the food is unique and ethnic.

127 Calhoun St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

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  1. I love lima beans. I especially love Flyod's lima beans! Great post.

  2. How fun! Let me know if you guys do it again!