Does this make sense? Oh well - at least the food was good.

So I have to start this review with a story because it's why I even went to Annabel's.

My friend offered to take me to lunch as a thank you! Well how nice! He wanted to take me
to Annabel's in Mt. Lookout. Then on the way -

he realized he didn't have his wallet. So his "thank you" lunch ended up coming out of my wallet! But alls well that ends well - he's taking me to Nectar this week as a second "thank you".

Now - the lunch. The top is the japanese salad with salmon and the next photo is the Mexican sandwich. The food was tasty...the salad was unique and friend really enjoyed the dressing. Although - post-hangover - he said he was still hungry when the salad was gone.

The Mexican sandwich that I had was really tasty. It contained pork, cheese, onion, salsa and avocado. I honestly couldn't taste the cheese. The pork was cooked very nicely and the salsa/avocado was great. The bun was very floury - which I wasn't a fan of. It was served with semi-stale tortilla chips and some (presumably) homemade salsa.

After all that - there was this wonderful Pecan Tart that had been rudely staring at me from the corner of the counter all lunch. Well - I'm not one to back down from a damn tart - so I felt it 100% necessary to order a slice. It was fabulous!

Said friend ordered a buttermilk cake with pistachio - neither of us were big fans. I thought the cake was dry and he thought the whole thing was a bit rich.

So overall - what are my thoughts of Annabel's. They don't have a website - but I have included shots of their menu. If you click on the images you can see them full size.

That said - it's expensive. The total bill on my "thank you" lunch was $40! Granted - we each got a drink (soda/iced tea), entrees and dessert.

It's a cute place - nothing special in the ambiance department. Pretty sure everything is "homemade" - which is nice and unique.

The other thing about Annabel's is the hours. They're open 9-2 Tuesday-Friday and 9-3 on Saturday. If you're a Hyde Park lady that lunches - I guess you can go there - but for the rest of us...not so much.

So there you have it - good food and a fresh taste. Fairly expensive and less than ideal hours. But if you're looking strictly at the food - 3 stars. The pecan tart was excellent and I can't wait to stop by for a slice of that again.


Neighborhood: Mt Lookout
1004 Delta Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208
(513) 417-8669

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  1. off the cuff culinarianJune 22, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    You should try Annabel's again! The restaurant has been open for a year and a half now and I think they've done an amazing job of ironing out the kinks of a new business. I really love the restaurant and would like to see if you see the progression I do. They really have become a destination place for brunch in Cincinnati.