Hideaway - Don't Hide!!!!

Saturday was a day in Northside for my friends and I! During the day we went to Melt, Nvision and Ali's Boutique!

Then Saturday night - the Art Academy (okay - not Northside), The Hideaway, Northside Tavern and Gajah Wong.

Tonight's blog is all about The Hideaway!

I've been before but this was a treat because 2 of my friends had never experienced it! Take a look at my profile picture - they have tons of kitchy items all around the restaurant. String art, velvet paintings and yes - a commemorative State of Iowa tin! I'm from Iowa - thus I decided to
borrow it momentarily for a photo prop.
We started out the night with this really great beet salad! It had goat cheese and hazelnuts. Yes - those are hazelnuts not garbanzo beans (cuz I was a little confused). There was a great dressing and the beets were very fresh.

The best thing about the menu at the Hideaway is how fresh and unique it is. Our party of four ordered a vegetarian tamale pie, flank steak sandwich, chicken pad thai and mussels with pasta. Where else can you get 4 such unique dishes????

The food is not perfection - it is all fresh and tasty and the prices are so affordable! The steak sandwich is $8 and the most expensive steak special is $18.

There is also a high abundance of vegetarian options - which is always refreshing! Now it is a BYOB - which hey - is great! And if you forget - stop by the Tavern and you can get a bottle of wine there or you can bring drinks over!

The steak sandwich was good - friend #1 really enjoyed the onion bun. They are also served with these delicious "creamer" potatoes. If you haven't had them - it's a must have!
Friend #2 enjoyed the mussels - I'm almost a little jealous - I really like mussels and they looked very tasty!

Friend #3 is a big fan of pad thai. He said it wasn't as good as Ru Thai's - but it was still tasty (no photo - it was blurry).

Lastly I went on a limb and tried the Vegetarian Tamale Pie. The pie was a bit dry. The tomato "salsa" was cool and very tasty - the rice was fine. I asked for sour cream which they quickly and happily brought. It helped the dish a lot.

Again - the dishes aren't perfection - but they are very very unique! They're refreshing and healthy and I love it!

Every time I go - I can't wait to come back again and try out something else. A very solid recommendation is the Cuban sandwich - always have good luck with that.

If you're a vegetarian looking for new options - check it out! If you are anybody else and just want something different - you should check it out too!

I give The Hideaway a refreshing 3 stars!

The Hideaway

4163 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

5-10 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; 5-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday.

Phone: 513-542-2444

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