Top Chef - Episode 3 - FOO-FOO-FOOD!

This week on Top Chef - let's jack with the chefs!!!

The guest is another molecular gastronomy guy - Grant Achatz - from Alinea in Chicago.

The quickfire - they gave them each a page from the Top Chef cookbook and said they had to make a recipe and modify it. Then midway through - jack with them! Now they have to make it into a soup - of course - sponsored by Swanson (product product product).

During judging - Grant is a bastard!!!! It's fabulous!

There were some really interesting soups and I have to say the ham & egg soup really sounded good! But Leah and her white asparagus won...what do you think?

Next up a challenge for the Foo Fighters! They have to make Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters and their entire crew with microwaves and toaster ovens. How ridonkulous is this????? Are these challenges really necessary? Hell - I'd rather have the gas station food challenge again!

(Side note: this week on Inside the Actors Studio - Harry Potter! What's next? The Jonas Brothers)

Jeffrey is a chef at the Dilido Beach Club - I swear it said DILDO beach - ew ew ew!

Not only were they cooking with microwaves - it started raining on them! hahahahaha

Tom - the gay bear icon - Colicchio! Wow - Team Rainbow is so brave! (Don't know what a "gay bear" is - see the photo at the left.

Team Cougar - stuffing bad, potatoes not cooked, great mac & cheese and good ham (yeah - i like that guy with the tats), turkey is good - arianne the cougar is safe for a week!

Team Sexy Pants - vegan stuffing is a hit, yams with burnt mallows good, turkey not as good...(seems like cougars won the dinner)

Dessert Off:

Sexy Pants - tiramisu and a peach crisp - they like fabio's tiramisu with pumpkin and the crumble!
Cougars - peach cobbler, parfait and a smore - they hate the "barfait" and the rest

Cougars won the dinner, Sexy Pants won the dessert - but what matters more??????

(Side note: Daniel has his party underwear on - just fyi)

Hey - Sexy Pants and their dessert and vegan stuffing won!

On the chopping block: Ariane (turkey), Beaker, Team Rainbow guy (smores), Tattoo guy, Surfer Jeff, curly haired guy we never hear from but made mac & cheese with bacon and Daniel & his party underwear

Judges Panel - Chef Tom is bitchy tonight!

Ariane's turkey was good
Jeff's spoonbread sucked
Daniel's potatoes weren't cooked enough
Beaker (Carla) wasn't happy with her cobbler - but it's not going to put her in danger
Jeff's pumpkin mousse wasn't good (oh he's in danger)
Team Rainbow guy's smores sucked - his vanilla cream looked like spit

Okay - they're basically saying - Team Rainbow guy is out - but will they throw us a curveball?????

I just realized I've watched like 12 hours of TV today...but I also raked the leaves and did laundry. I watched The Office reruns, Days of Our Lives, 2 eps of Celebrity Rehab, The Elf and now Top Chef. But hey - isn't that what lazy vacation days are for? I also got 3/4 of my Christmas shopping done thanks to the interweb! See - 12 hours of TV mixed with wireless internet CAN induce productivity!

This is a long commercial break and I'm too tired to hit the fast forward on my tivo. Now good God - isn't that lazy? I'll type about it but I won't remove my fingers from the keyboard long enough to push a button that is 5 inches away.

Oh and I choreographed my dance routine for tomorrow's hip hop class - Womanizer by Britney Spears. I was a little annoyed with her - she didn't dance much in this one...but I managed.

The world would like the Foos to cook Thanksgiving dinner rather than either TC team - WTF?

Eugene, Mac & Cheese, Beaker, Ariane - all allowed to leave! We're left with Daniel (potatoes), Jeff (mousse) and Rainbow (smores).

No curve ball - Team Rainbow is down to 1. Bye bye smores guy...


  1. I couldn't figure out why he'd choose s'mores -- how is that a dessert for grownups? He couldn't figure out anything else to do with chocolate and bananas once he realized there was no freezer for his chocolate-covered bananas? And of COURSE the foam on top isn't going to look good after being kept warm in a chafing dish. Did these people learn NOTHING in cooking school?

  2. that WAS a ridiculously long commercial break --seven minutes, unless you count that inane hostile exchange between Daniel and Laura. But I was watching on DVR, so I didn't suffer through it.
    poor team rainbow. can you have a team of one?
    see you next week.

  3. Manly men who have a little bit of girth to them - think Colicchio, Steve Wozniak, etc. - are known as bears within the gay community. And the men who love them, I believe, are referred to as cubs. There's your gay fact of the day!