TOP CHEF!!!!!! It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Spoiler Alert!

Okay - yes - I'm blogging about Top Chef. Is it a restaurant? Well no - but it's for foodies! I like to watch and share my thoughts throughout the show...and now...onto the show!

I'm giddy! Top Chef is back! We even have 2 Cincinnati girls on there - will one get eliminated right off the bat?

Lauren is a chef at Jag's and Radhika is from Cincinnati...

Quickfire - someone is getting eliminated!!!! Apple peelin bitches!

* Fabiano is hot! (thick accent)
* Bloody apples are gross
* New York was practically mincing them!
* Both Cinci girls are in the bottom 4???!!!! AAACK!
* They're showing Lauren (red tank top) a lot - ruh-roh!
* Cinci Girl 1 (Radhika) is safe!
* Verdict - buh bye Lauren - oh poor 'Nati girl! We barely knew ye! Well Jag's isn't my favorite place anyway...

Knife Block!!!!!

Next challenge is picking knives with different locations on them...teams are in pairs by ethnic neighborhood. Little Italy, Chinatown, etc...they gotta make a dish inspired by their location.

* Team Rainbow! hahahaha
* Greek and those who wish dey were Greek!
* Okay - Carla's a whack job - she wants to be led by her spirit guides???
* Friend noted "the chick that doesn't know middle eastern - looks middle eastern"
* Oh yeah Patrick - pick something you've never worked with before - that'll work!

THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh...look at the toys! (Plug for GE Plug for GE)

* mmmmm plantain!
* mmmmm hummus!
* wait - latin guy is supposed to do indian and he's making tsatsiki which is Greek - WTF?\
* yeah dummy - don't use something you've never used before!
* run jeff run!!
* marketing award winner - - those things are genious!!!!
* jean georges - holy balls! he's awesome!
* Richard is hitting on Tom - aren't we all?
* i hate deconstructed anything
* blonde needs to bleach her brows - yikes!
* foam is back!

Top Chefs:

* Stefan (europe guy #1), Jamie (team rainbow girl), Jill (scallop girl), Jeff (surfer hair), Hosea (didn't know brighton beach), Leah (non descript brunette), Daniel (odd beard) and Eugene (latin making indian thinking it was greek) - congrats!

Who's getting da boot?

Who's winning?

Pulled into the judges table -

Winners: Stefan, Eugene, Leah - STEFAN WINS!

Winner of first challenge has gone on to win all but one season!!!! WOW!!!

Losers: Patrick & Ariane

Ariane - can't cook risotto or middle eastern
Patrick - uninspired chinese

I'm hoping Ariane goes -

There's Padma workin that scar...

Patriotism abounds - at least among text messagers - The world is rooting for Team Rainbow over the Euro Duo.

Well - Patrick is the first bootee...meh...he wouldn't last long...

This year on Top Chef - Martha Martha Martha!

So are y'all excited? Are you watching? Talk to me!!!


  1. Totally in to it. Can't wait!

  2. I have been dating The Boyfriend for about 2 1/2 years. My profile actually does say I'm single... but I think that's my way of saying "unmarried" - my last hold-out of 'I don't want to grow up' syndrome!

    LOVE top chef by the way. I didn't get cable when I first bought my house in June, since it was summer and I had too much to do, and I've been surprised how little I've missed it. But Top Chef is one of the very few that I actually do miss - need to make The Boyfriend dvr it for me at his place!