Top Chef Night 2 - Spoiler Alert

This will be a shorter blog than the first one - cuz I'm tired and just got home from the 18th Supper Club!!! What a fun time!!!!! Well - until we left - we got pulled over right out front of the door of the party! Ugh - mortified! We went the wrong way on a one way - it's OTR and I had no idea...But Supper Club - fun time, great food, even better company!

Okay - Top Chef - Rhadika "Cincinnati Girl #2" wins the hot dog challenge!!!! They had to make hot dogs - like MAKE them! I wouldn't even know where to begin!!!! There seemed to be some good ones!!!

Now they have to create a "New American" lunch menu...Surfer boy steps up and organizes the group - thank goodness! There's an appetizer group, entree group and dessert group. Observations:

* Fabio is hot - that voice.
* Ostrich eggs - WTF? That's a big ass egg!
* "I'm not a baker" - then why are you in the dessert group????
* Wow - cooking at Craft! NICE!
* Judges are NY Chefs that didn't make the show - MUWAHAHAHAHA!
* Fabio needs a tan - where's Tanlicious from Project Runway?
* WTF was he talking about olives?
* Bitter chefs with a big old side of bitter butter!
* That lady looks like Beeker

* Fabio and his olives are different
* I want the spoon cornbread
* Chocolate wontons = yummm
* Avocado mousse = blech
* Fabio is an idiot! He sounds like Borat...
* "I just wanted to celebrate the season" - what a bunch of hooey!
* So were they olives or not?
* Hosea and his bad crab
* Ariane and that overly sweet crap
* Padma spits...hahahaha
* Jill and her crappe quiche
* As my friend said, "Jill swallowed a big bucket of duh"

Damn - Jill and her crappe quiche got the boot! I thought for sure Ariane would get das boot!

So back to Supper Club - what a fun time!!!! I really enjoyed it - I hope all the folks that were there stop by my blog and say hi!


  1. Hilarious -- we went home and vegged out in front of TC too. Had a lot of fun at supper club -- we'll see you again, I'm sure! --shannon

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  3. Thanks for joining us at the supper club dinner! Don't feel bad about the wrong way ticket, I've seen lots of those happen. But that's the most people we have ever had in our bathroom at one time!! (you had to be there lol)

    John and Ken

  4. John - it was so fabulous! Thank you so much for opening your home! You better be at the next one - it'll be at my house!