Allyn's & Through The Garden Restaurant Reviews

In the past week - I decided to venture out to some local spots...sadly I didn't really like either of them.

I went to Through the Garden in Blue Ash and Allyns in Columbia Tusculum.

Let's go through Allyn's first...

I was hungry and had just danced my butt off in my hip hop class then decided I needed lunch so my buddy and I went to Allyn's.

(side note - if you click on the pictures you can see them full size - much more of a yum factor)

I went for the Next-Mex Chicken Burrito. The "Next Mex" menu is lower they don't tell you how much lower or what's lower but I figured no matter what - it was a smarter choice. The burrito was pretty good. The chicken is "pulled" vs. fajita - which I like. Something was spicy - not sure if it was the salsa or the chicken but I did like it. The sides were all bad. The beans were both really undercooked. The black beans had a little flavor but the refried had none. The rice was the worst. It was terrible - bland rice is bad enough - this actually had a bad taste. So I guess if you get the mexican menu - see if you can get a salad or soup instead of the beans/rice.

My buddy ordered the chicken sandwich...he enjoyed the sandwich. He said it was pretty darned good. The fries - he didn't care for.

The one other item to note about Allyn's is the decor - it's very quirky. There's a sign that says "Beware of Pick Pockets and Loose Women" - my friend insisted I was one of those (I've never picked a pocket in my life). I would have taken a picture but there was a child sitting in front of the sign and that would have been inappropriate. They have lots of loud colors (which I like) and lots of cork art.

Allyn's also has a pretty large Wine Shop! If you're looking for a bottle for the next special occasion - stop by. They have a wall of wine and a cabinet of hot sauces for sale. They also have their own bottled variety.

Overall - I didn't really like my food, friend said his was okay. The decor is quirky. I don't know - it just isn't a place I really want to go back to. I'd rather go to Terry's or Kona or RuThais.

Next up I tried Through the Garden. I came across this restaurant on Kenwood Rd because of I got one of the $25 gift certificates (off $35). This was just an utter disappointment across the board. First I had Chicken Tortilla soup - bland, unappealing and flavorless.
Friend had the smothered ribeye - smothered because it's a cheap cut of meat. Sides were veges and mashed potatoes. The veges were undercooked and extremely bland. The potatoes were "fine".
I had the crab cakes with veges and roasted potatoes. The crab cakes came with this bad sauce - it was I guess sort of buttery and mustardy - I'm no ingredient namer - but it wasn't good. The cakes themselves definitely came from canned crab and weren't impressive. The veges again - undercooked. The roasted potatoes were fine - crying for seasoning - but not as bad as the crab cakes.
We were so disappointed in our meal we didn't even bother trying dessert. I mean wilty lettuce that has nothing to do with the entree and a dried up lemon wedge - ugh - it says it all. My friend said I should have a sign that says "WWGD" for What Would Gordon Do? Gordon Ramsey would have a hey day with this place!

I do hear that Through the Garden is more of a lunch place and I can see that. It's got a good location and I'm sure that if we'd all gotten sandwiches - we'd have a different view. BUT if they're a lunch place - they should stick with that!

Allyn's Cafe

3538 Columbia Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 871-5779

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Through the Garden

10738 Kenwood Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 791-2199

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  1. Aw, sorry you didn't like Through the Garden. I like that place. I always get the goat cheese starter and it's really good. I'm not a meat eater though so I can't comment on that part of it. My salads and pastas have always been good.

  2. Yeah Through The Garden Rocks you must be the Food Idiot. My group really likes it. Do you really use coupons as a reviewer sounds to me you just want cheap! cheap! cheap! Maybe you should stick to fast food

  3. Again "Anonymous" - why not be proactive and tell me something you got there you liked?

    No - just attack me.

    A lot of people use certificates - I THINK that's why the restaurants sign up to offer them - so that people will buy them and use them.

  4. I haven't ate at Through the Garden for at least 5 years, since it's not close to where I work now. I wished I had left it as a memory, because it was horrible. Poor service, and over priced. My family shared the goat cheese appetizer, and it was ok. My wife and I did burgers and I couldn't believe that a medium cooked burger would look that bloody. My kids meals were ok, but if you think an app, two burgers, and two kids meals for close to $50 is fair have at it. We should've went to Terry's Turf Club, were an $8 burger taste and satisfies like an $8 burger. Good luck. Maybe the manager could do something other than sit at the bar.

  5. If you are a fan of fat, meat and cheese sauce then TTG is not for you. But, if you like fresh food with veggies then it is a must. My guess is the people that pan TTG are big fans of Red Lobster.