Indi-don't-go how you've failed me again. I bought a $25 off $35 gift certificate for Indigo and used it over the weekend.

The restaurant has quirky decor - stained glass windows hanging - primary colors. Kinda cute, kinda dated. I tried taking photos - but it just didn't work. I'll note now - I was at the Hyde Park Square location - the Ft. Mitchell location is in a house and I think it looks quite different.

First up - I tried the chicken noodle soup - the waiter said it was just like chicken noodle soup "but awesome". Well it wasn't awesome. It was good for chicken noodle soup - but not awesome. There were lots of veggies but not a lot of flavor - nothing outstandingly better than I'd get from Progresso.

My friend got the house salad - it was NOTHING special. Romaine, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and some dressing. Not worth $5.50! (warning: recurring theme begins here)

Next up I tried the pasta - I ordered the Mediterranean Pasta (Artichoke hearts, mellow roasted bell peppers, ripe olives, onions, garlic, tomatoes and herbs blends in a harmonious onion $16.75 Half Order $9.65) I added mushrooms and goat cheese for an additional fee and got the half order. This was not $13 worth of a pasta dinner. The noodles (I chose Linguini) were WAY overcooked - mushy and watery! The sauce had no significant flavor. Thank GOD I added the goat cheese - without it - I wouldn't have eaten it. It was extremely bland. The bread isn't good either...dry and a funky flavor.

My friend ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It's really small - we thought it would be a larger thin crust but it's small and has 4 pieces for $13! The taste of the sauce is good - but the pizza was a little dry tasting. It was NOT a $13 pizza. Dewey's small is cheaper and far superior.

Overall, the bill was $40 - we only paid $20 because of our gift certificate (but add in the tip) and again - disappointment. Not happy to pay $10 for this meal. The pasta was just so bad. The soup was fine...the pizza wasn't bad...but the pasta was really not good. To quote my friend Julia, "this did not bring me joy."

So - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's hoping we can find better places on for the New Year!


  1. You're an idiot.

  2. Since your posts are taking me back to 5th grade...I only have this to say:


  3. Indigo truly is overpriced and not very good

  4. Indigo was great 10 years ago. Its gone downhill real fast. From the food, to the decor, nothing evolved, and quality de-evolved. If you are looking for a great Pasta place, i do not reccommend