Top Chef - Episode 4 - Love me some Rocco

Lots of Team Rainbow sadness - which makes me think the last member will be going home...

A breakfast amuse bouche is the quick fire...

These people look like they're making huge meals - it's one freakin bite!

Thankfully Rocco is calling people out on not doing one bites! Leah won with her one bite breakfast and won a $24.95 cookbook...w00t.

Immunity challenge is doing a demo...this one is tough - they are signing up to be chefs - not TV chefs.

Also realizing I'm starving for bacon & eggs now...bastards!

You gotta know some of these peeps are safe - I mean Radhika has been on for 5 seconds this episode - GO NATI GIRL!

Daniel wants to cook, own restaurants, have his own show and act. And do comedy. Maybe he should shave the teen wolf first...

Ooh - they got something up their sleeve - they just gave top 3 and bottom 3...and we haven't had the Today show yet...

Okay - loving Alex - he said "pussy out and do a salad!" - hahahahaha!

Melissa in her infinite wisdom said - the scariest thing about failing is failing...yes and the most thrilling thing about being happy is being happy...

Did anybody else notice Fabio's funny bird legs?

Jeff is insulting - he said he's serving food to people with unsophisticated pallets. Really? Kathie Lee Gifford has more money than God - I bet she's had more than Waffle House! Ha - and she spit it out!!!!! I'm dying!

Arianne won with her lame ass tomato salad. Eh good for her!

Judges table...

Bottom 3: Melissa (overly spicy), Jamie (raw egg) and Alex (undone brulee)

They should all go home...but we need a long let's guess Alex... (I'm so falling into Producer's Ploys). Okay - changing my mind and saying Melissa. No - we must finish off the rainbow so Jamie...(just kidding). Let's go with Melissa and her habanero shrimp.

Oh - love connection on Top Chef - hahahah - Hosea & Leah...sittin in a tree...c-o-o-k-i-n-g!

Dammit - I should have stuck with my first guess! I thought maybe the spicy would get her...dammit!

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