Top Chef - Episode 5 - Oh Danny Boy

Okay - this will be quick since it's a few days late -

Annoying blonde girl with the bad bangs said the stupidest thing ever!

"This isn't a game - it's the biggest competition of my life."


Quickfire is a tasting thing - it's like Name That Tune for ingredients:

Daniel vs. Hosea - ha - Danny doesn't know Name That Tune and said the same bid...
Arianne vs. Jeff - nothing notable - Arianne wins cuz Jeff screwed up
Stephan vs. Jamie - salt & pepper - hahaha
Eugene vs. Leah - Leah by default
Radika vs. Fabio - Radika
Carla Beeker vs. Bangs - Carla

I.E. none of the people in the last 3 are going home since we saw them for 2 seconds.

Hosea vs. Arianne - Hosea
Stephan vs. Leah - Stephan (did 8 - wow)
Radhika vs. Carla - Carla by default

Mole sauce is down to Hosea, Stephen, Carla

She's out on peanut butter - hahahaha...
Stephan is out on tomato paste...

Elimination Challenge - cooking for Gail's bridal shower

Oh the bitter lesbian - complaining about doing something for a wedding. And she's lying about "borrowing" already.

Fabio saying there is "no freakin blue food" - hahahahaha!

Beeker is hooting at her team.

Danny is lifting weights on the deck...

Okay - I know who goes and I'm kinda suprised that it's not Eugene with this idea of building their own sushi.

hahaha - Arianne beat Jamie and Jeff - hahahahahahah - Good for her!!!!

"None of us expected anybody but me to win" - Jamie (wow!)

Bye bye chops!


  1. How in the world does Beaker guess PEANUT BUTTER =first= for mole sauce? She couldn't taste ANYTHING in mole sauce? She couldn't guess SALT?!

  2. It was someone of a bogus test because they allowed them salt, pepper and oil as guesses. Plus if you can figure out what the sauce is, there are canonical ingredients for that sauce like chocolate with the mole sauce.