My friend Lou and I were craving something new and good - Lou is a huge fan of burgers and it dawned on me that I hadn't been to Fatburger!

Fatburger opened in Oakley last fall with a lot of hype but I wasn't buying it and kind of boycotted.

Supposedly some Bengals players are involved with this location and I just wasn't feelin it.

(Nothin against the Bengals - just was skipping the hype.)

The decor of Fatburger is great - it's modern, hip, clean lines and funky. You order at the counter and then you get a number and they bring it out to you. It's sort of like sit-down fast food.

There are quite a few burger options (chicken, turkey, burgers, etc...) as well as 2 fry options (fat, skinny).

My friend has quirky tastes and she got a plain burger - well done - with bacon and skinny fries. She enjoyed her meal a lot - it might not look like much - but hey - she was happy and that's not easy to do!

I decided on the turkey burger - loaded up with toppings and the onion rings. The burger was cooked perfectly and very tasty. The onion rings were a bit oily - (duh - I know) - but even for onion rings - a bit much. But the breading was very light.
Don't forget - you can click on the images and see them larger - makes you hungry though...

Overall - I liked it! I definitely would head back next time I'm short on time but big on hunger. (Sounds like a commercial doesn't it)

3158 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Operating Hours: Sun-Thurs: 10:30am-10pm Fri-Sat: 10:30am-12am

P: 513-871-8722
F: 513-871-8724

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