Golly Gee - it was Gumbo Time!

I'm a kitschy headline girl - I can't help it.

My coworkers and I decided to try out the new creole place in the US Bank building - J Gumbos! It's an unassuming little spot around the corner from the Roly Poly and right near one of the doors - don't ask me which one. If you're at Ingredients - walk past it - past Roly - around the corner and toward the door - then it's on the right.

Everything on the menu looked and sounded great. They have 3 spice levels - mild, medium and hot. None of us dared the hot menu on the first try.

Here's a shot of all of our food:

Clockwise: Red Beans & Rice, Shrimp Etouffee, Gumbo

Jeff said he wished he'd tried the Crawfish Etouffee instead for a bit of a stronger flavor. The shrimp were very tiny. Russ was very happy with his red beans & rice. It was the daily special and I was jealous!

This is my gumbo - a rich & hearty soup thickened with our homemade brown Roux, Chicken, Sausage, and fresh Vegetables. It was in the medium menu and was pretty spicy. The sauce is very brown - and I was watching Top Chef tonight and they said that's how Gumbo should be... It was okay but I definitely think I'd try something else next time.

The rice was great and the bread was nice. They have so many offerings on their menu - there is plenty to try! You can also try a spoonful beforehand to see if you like it. Next time I'm trying the Creole!

Next...save room for dessert!

Seriously click the picture - I wanted some!

I resisted the temptation...well sort of. We went to Tazza Mia and got a peanut butter cup cookie.

Overall - good price, unique flavor, I'd go back!

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  1. Being a transplant from the south I'll have to check this out... we've been looking for some good cajun. You are spot on about the roux being dark brown... it's equal parts flour and oil cooked and cooked and cooked. I like mine really dark as that gives the best flavor - rich and nutty at the same time. As for the spice, gumbo isn't gumbo unless it's spicy... typically you should add some tabasco to kick up another notch :-)