Restaurant Week Night 1 - Mesh, West Chester

House Salad w/Sturkeys Dressing

We headed to Mesh in West Chester (Union Center exit off I-75) for the first night of Restaurant Week. For those of you that haven't heard me preach about it - here's the info about RW! And let me tell you - $26.09 was a bargain for all we got!

We started with a little amuse bouche of roasted red pepper mousse on a crostini. It was tasty but not outstanding.

Next we moved onto a choice of the House or a Caesar...the overwhelming choice was the house salad. It was really great! Lots of toppings, ample dressing...very good.

Tilapia over pasta

This was also the overwhelming choice of the evening - 5 of our group of 8 diners chose this as their entree. Everyone loved it! It was very light and tasty. There were sun dried tomatoes and spinach in a very light white wine sauce. Could have used a touch of salt but very good.

Beef Medallion over mashed potatoes

A couple diners chose this option - both were very happy and said the meat was cooked perfectly!

Chicken Saltimbocca

One diner chose this option and really enjoyed it. Normally I get "It's good!" out of Ron - but tonight - I got "THIS IS DELICIOUS!" - so that is big! He said the potato gnocchi was great as well.

Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream (Pam's Ice Cream)

This Pam Sturkey concoction was enjoyed by the folks at the table. Kevin said that this was as good as Graeter's. I asked if the vanilla was good and he said all he could taste was the chocolate brownie! That's a good thing.

Carrot Cake

This was a really nice carrot cake - not the best I've ever had (that honor goes to Ruby Foo's in NYC) - but it was good. Lots of apple slices and good flavor. Fairly light for a carrot cake.

So that's all about the food - what about the rest? The ambiance - lovely. The service - EXCELLENT!

Here's the thing about a restaurant like this? The service is a step up from what you're used to. It's what sets this apart from the other places in the price range. Very very fun evening

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  1. For $26 that looks like a great bargain. I would have gone for the house salad and the chicken. I will have to participate in this event next year.