Restaurant Week Night 3 - Brown Dog, Blue Ash

Friday night we headed out on our 3rd Restaurant Week adventure and Brown Dog in Blue Ash was our stop. For those of you that don't know, Brown Dog was just named into Top Ten restaurants in Cincinnati by Cincinnati Magazine.

Their menu for RW was fabulous! So many options!!!! Plus they had a special addition on the entrees - nice!
We had a really nice bread & butter to start. The real star was the roasted garlic cloves in olive oil. They were so well cooked and warmed you could mush them when you put them on the bread. Very delish!
Spring Salad: Scott asked to have Erin Marie's anchovies added...he really enjoyed the dish.
Baby Blue: This was amazing!!!! I loved all of the flavors and would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that goes to Brown Dog Cafe.
Caesar Salad: looks boring...but everybody said it was good.


Duck: Jim liked this dish but said that he'd have rather had the boar after tasting it.
Char: This was the special add for the night and it was fabulous! Char is very similar to salmon. The cream sauce was delish and the barley risotto was nice as well. Fish was very flavorful!
Wild Boar: Wow - loved this. Scott and I actually split the char & boar and I loved this. I'm a huge fan of cumin and avocado though. It was spicy and just amazing!
Duck: Can't remember who got it but they did enjoy it.
Scallops: Denise really enjoyed these and the red pepper risotto was nicely cooked as well.

My friend got the Sea Bass as well but I didn't get a photo - she was very happy with it!

Pear Tart: Camile loved this! It looked tasty!
Orange Creme Brulee: I tried a bite - it was okay - not the best I've had.
Cookies & Ice Cream: I can't fathom making this choice but Erin Marie was happy with it!
Chocolate Pot de Creme: Denise and I got this and both loved it! Small but very rich! Far better than the PDC that I've had at Jean Ro Bistro.

Everybody really loved it and those of us that had eaten at Chalk and Mesh earlier in the week agreed it was the best of the bunch! The portions were very nice and every course was tasty!

I can't wait to go back!!!!

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  1. Love the Brown Dog Cafe - ate there regularly when we lived in Cincy - had a chance to go back a couple of weeks ago. The Brown Dog fries are a must have!!!