What is my favorite Mexican restaurant?

Hands down - Casa Tequila in West Chester. Now - I'm talking regular Mexican - you know - the kind where the menu is nearly the same at every one of them! (in other words - Nada doesn't count)

My friend Jen lives nearby and we started hitting up CT a couple years ago and it's hands-down my favorite spot!

When you arrive, you're greeted happily and quickly served warm chips and a side of salsa and a side of beans. Jen loves that part - she's a vegetarian - so anytime she gets more vegetarian options - she loves it!

The margaritas are great - although I usually get soda...

Plate O' Beans

Julia also joined us Sunday evening and wanted bean burritos - the server quickly mentioned she could get a plate of beans with a side of tortillas and have the same thing only cheaper! $6 total for soda, beans and tortillas! She was very pleased!

Spinach & something enchiladas

Mexican is great for the vegetarian - there are so many options! She gets something different almost every time we go! She always enjoys it - obviously - since we keep going back!

Fiesta Plate

Okay - I have to brag up my favorite dish on the menu. I must preface by saying I'm normally the person that ALWAYS orders something different! But not at Casa Tequila! I stumbled across this wonderful dish and can't get anything else. The Fiesta Plate has chicken, scallops, crab and mushrooms all in a light cream sauce. It's served with flour or corn tortillas and is just the best! I really love this dish and it's definitely enough for 2 servings!

So there you have it - if you're looking for a great Mexican place and you're up north - check out Casa Tequila. It's just off the Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. exit from I-75. It's across from the Walmart in a little strip mall with the Village Tavern.

Casa Tequila
(513) 777-9424
8111 Cincinnati Dayton Rd
West Chester, OH 45069

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  1. It is me - Julia - and I have to admit - I went to see my friends Heather and Jennifer. Because my favorite Mexican is Acapulco on Rt 4 in Fairfield. Smiles - yes, their beans are much better!!!!

  2. I agree w/ Julia- Acapulco has better food, service, and their margaritas are the best in Cincy. I used to live by Casa Tequila- tried it, and did not return!!!! Acapulco!!!! (Fairfield is the best- but there are other locations that have the same menu.)

  3. I must say - you have not tried the Fiesta Plate - that is the best.

    I don't even know where Fairfield is!!!!


  4. Is this still your favorite Mexican a year later? I'm looking to find the best one in town but can't seem to find one with perfect everything - salsa, food, margaritas, etc. What's the best one??

  5. Casa Tequila has gone down in the last year... I tend to go to El Rancho Grande now - there are quite a few of them and the food & service is always great. El Jinete near the new Walmart on Redbank is good as well - very very good service and the food was delish.

    But if you're looking for more authentic - nothing beats La Mexicana in Newport.

    Another favorite is Rio Grande in Newport - they have THE BEST taco salad in the tri-state - hands down.