Basilico - All Organic and a Deal!

Friends and I have been dying to try Basilico - the new all organic restaurant in Mason on Tylersville Rd. I'm always up for new restaurants and organic sounds fun!

Basilico is on Tylersville across from BW3s - it's got sort of a cafeteria feel on the inside. That is a bit odd...I wasn't really fond of it.

There is a nice outdoor patio and there were even some cute visitors that walked by to say hi! (Click on the photos to enlarge - especially this one!)

Scott got an Oatmeal Stout - organic of course. I ended up sticking with water because Diet Coke apparently is NOT organic.

There are a great deal of dining options and one of them is a you pick 3 for $16.95. You can choose 3 items from their soup, salad, sandwich or pasta menus. That's a lot of food! The only items not up for selection are the pizzas and the entrees. We were a little bummed - the pizzas sounded great!

How was the food?

Basilico Panini: well the ciabatta bread was was dry and stale. The rest of the sandwich was pretty good - huge portion (recurring theme).

Grilled Salmon Salad: well - sort of. It's missing a few ingredients that were mentioned on the menu. Scott did say it was dressed well. The salmon was a bit overcooked for his taste which means it was well done.

Spicy Vodka Ravioli: Scott and Julia both chose this as one of their options in the Pick 3. He thought it wasn't at all spicy and she thought it had a kick (he orders his thai a 9, she a 0). They both got spinach (could also choose beef or cheese). The sauce was good - both were very pleased and said this was their favorite dish.

Spinach & Cheese Manicotti: Julia chose this as her 2nd dish. She wasn't that fond of it...she likes saucier.

Lasagna: Julia chose this as her third option but she let me try a bite! Julia wished it had been saucier - I on the other hand LOVED IT! I would go back just for that!

Involtini of the Day - Brajole with pesto pasta and grilled veges: It wasn't really called brajole but that's what it was. The portion size was ginormous! Brajole is thin slices of meat rolled with something - this was prosciutto and cheese. I wish there had been more cheese - I couldn't really taste it. The pasta was really great as were the grilled vegetables. And kudos to the GV - not just broccoli and carrots but also asparagus! Cooked perfectly! This was easily two meals!

There was also pizza but none of us chose that - this time!

We all had leftovers...and we were all pleasantly full! Julia and I each got a muffin to take home as well. I got banana chocolate chip - it was okay - a little dry.

I would definitely go back and do the pick 3 - you could probably split the pick 3 between 2 people and leave full if you chose 2 pastas and a salad. There was another pasta with mushrooms that I really wanted to try so I'll definitely go back!

If you're in the area and maybe usually go to BWs, Brazenhead or Cafe Bella - give Basilico a try!

Basilico Organic

(513) 492-9519
6176 Tylersville road
Mason, OH 45040

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  1. Since it's Basilico.. the brajole would have been braciole (if it had been braciole, which it was). Braciole is often made with pine nuts. With brajole, Cheez Wiz becomes a possiblity.

    The water may have come from the Ohio River or from the pesticide rich former farmland and Tide land of Mason. It could have been delivered by pumps powered by inorganic electrons that were themselves unfairly and inhumanely coerced by coal fed, carbon spewing power plants. The vapor that became the water could have drifted in from a distant land, leaving the local population thirsty and disadvantaged. I would have demanded the Diet Coke (or maybe 2 shots of Hydrogen, a dish of Oxygen, a match and a chafing dish).