Boi Na Blaza...but just happy hour & free show the Know Theatre

Last Thursday had free tickets to the new show Vigils at the Know Theatre in OTR and decided to hit up a happy hour before the show. Scott wanted to go to Boi Na Braza - I told him - it's a dinner place - the star is the meat - but he wanted to try it - so we did...

The Happy Hour has 1/2 price apps - they only have 6 appetizer choices and they range in price from $8-14. We decided to try 4 of the 6 - we did not try the chicken tenders or the shrimp cocktail. We figured those were pretty much standard.

I can't tell you what all of these actually are because the menu isn't online...

Meat Ravioli

Sort of like fried ravioli with meat and potatoes inside. Served with a side of mustard and a side of some vinegary hot sauce. The ravioli was kind of plain and mushy inside. Not sure why it's served with plain mustard? Maybe marinara or ranch? It was okay...but not great.

Kielbasa and spongy biscuits

It was odd - the server came up and said it was traditionally served by squeezing the lime over the sausage and then squeezed away without really asking us if we wanted it. Then left the lemon and didn't squeeze it. So we were a little unsure what to do with the lemon. Is that not what they recommend? If so, then why give it to us??? Seems stupid now - but we laughed at the time.

The kielbasa was tasty but wasn't much different than what you buy in the store. The biscuit things were pretty good.

Meat Dip

I really dont' remember what was in this...had a dollop of cream cheese on the side of the dish and then some sort of bland creamy dip with chunks of steak. The crostini was flavorless as well.

Meat & Cheese Plate

This was pretty tasty - there was salami, swiss, proscuitto, grapes and crackers. The proscuitto wasn't very good - too thick and not very good quality. As Scott said, "they were starter cheeses" - hahaha!

Overall - we weren't too happy with the choices but I understand it's not really the restaurants forte. I'd rather go to Palomino - more, better and cheaper.

The restaurant is pretty though...

Boi Na Braza

(513) 421-7111
441 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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After dinner, we headed to the Know for the preview show of Vigils. It's a young cast - but the show was entertaining - we laughed quite a bit.

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