Frank's Old Town Cafe Review

Had a little trip to Covington today cuz my friend Lisa needed to get her oil changed and I had a brilliant thought - Frank's Old Town Cafe!!!!
I used to work in Covington and it was a near daily stop for lunch. The staff is SO friendly - I haven't been in a year or so because I changed jobs. I walked in the door and Frank, Deb and Paula all remembered me! You don't get that at Applebees!

So why do I love it? It's great diner food - great specials and great chili (Tues & Wed)!

Frying Pig - pork tenderloin with grilled onions, cheese and bbq sauce

I really miss the breaded pork tenderloin from back home (Iowa) and Frank's always came through for me. It's thick, juicy and tasty. The toppings are a great addition. Frank's also has great fries - I usually get a side of mayo for them.

Reuben Burger

Lisa decided to try the Reuben Burger! Yeah - a Reuben Burger!!! It's a burger with a reuben on top!!!!! It looked delicious!!!!! Lisa enjoyed every bite.

The service is A+ and I love the food. Their chili is really some of the best in the city - it's not Cincinnati style - just regular style - it's sooooo good!

So head to Old Town and tell Frank I said hi!

Old Town Cafe
9 West Pike Street
Old Town Plaza
Covington, KY. 41011
Phone: 859-291-0664
Fax: 859-291-2026

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  1. Old Town Cafe! I love that place. Everyone in Cincinnati is going wild to find the best burger in town and I think I've found it. People gotta try their Chef's Burger. Nice and gooey.