Le Boxx - Downtown Dining!

A friend and I decided to head up towards the library to LeBoxx Cafe for a quick lunch last week. I have to say - I'd always wondered about this place and now I was getting the chance to go!

We walked in the door and let me say - it's big! There was a huge line of people waiting and we were on a tight schedule - but Denise said to hang tight - they move quick. She was right - it wasn't even 10 minutes and we were seated!

I decided to try the Reuben - it's a big menu but I am an obsessive person when it comes to Ruebens. So I broke that out on lite rye with a pickle and a side of saratoga chips.

Denise decided to make her own concoction - she had their BBQ Chicken Wrap with Buffalo sauce instead of BBQ. This was quite spicy! It did look good as well.

LeBoxx isn't the type of place you're going to rave about - but it is a very solid, quick and tasty lunch spot! Which is something I'm always in need of!

LeBoxx Cafe

(513) 721-5638
819 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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