The Redmoor - dinner & a show - a full evening!

Friday night, my friends and I decided to head out to The Redmoor in Mt. Lookout Square. It's the former Mt Lookout Cinema Grill. It changed to Jaspers last year but that didn't last and changed to The Redmoor last fall.
The Redmoor is open Wednesday thru Saturday and have bands each night and can also be rented out for special occasions.

Friday they had a comedy show at 7 and then Soul Pocket at 9 - with that schedule we decided to go early for dinner too! The menu online looks pretty tasty and the chef worked with Jean Robert.

I have to say - we were fairly disappointed in the food. The band was FANTASTIC though!!!!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

The overwhelming word of the night was "eh - okay". This was the start of it...looked good though.
Salmon with mashed potatoes & vegetables

Well this was supposed to be "finished with a lobster sauce" - do you see one? Yeah - me neither. I was going to send it back but then I thought maybe I was mistaken - but now looking at the menu I wasn't. Might have been some better - but I had some problems here that sauce would have just masked. Mashed potatoes - almost like cream of wheat texture and no real flavor - definitely not horseradish! The asparagus - awful - half of each piece was woody. The salmon was very salty - now I like salty so it was fine - especially since the dish was sauceless - but most people would have thought it was far too salty. The salmon was well cooked.

Roasted Portobello Sandwich & Fries

This was the star of the evening - Kate was very happy and said this was delicious. I should have gotten this - lots of goat cheese!

Pesto Pizza

Again - just okay - Susan didn't say much...although the goat cheese looks good - at least they're not skimpy on that!

Strip Steak Salad

John wasn't feeling well so decided on the steak salad since it was affordable. He said it was good - not amazing but good. Although - he asked for medium well and got medium rare - although he admitted med rare was probably better for this dish.

Penne Pasta with Shrimp

Karen didn't say much but she barely ate half so I'm not thinking she was too thrilled with it.

If you go to see a band - stop and have dinner - but maybe just stick with the sandwiches and salads. I think $19 for the salty sauceless salmon was a bit much...

ADD ON: the service was pretty bad - the waiter nearly spilled soup on kate, did spill soda on kyle and well, had a fondness for bringing new glasses:

Empty glass tower

The location is really nice on the inside and is a great venue for music - go this Friday and catch Tupelo Honey and my friend Lauren Houston!!!!

The Redmoor

(513) 871-6789
Hyde Park/Mount Lookout
3187 Linwood Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45208

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Update: June 2009

I went back to see Soul Pocket again and got a different item that was more basic.

House Salad - Mixed greens, red onions, sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese,
house made vinaigrette - $6 - Add 5 Shrimp $7

I got the salad without onions - just wasn't in the mood. I mainly got this because it had goat cheese - I have an addiction - I'm comfortable admitting it. This salad was good - the dressing was a little heavy (as in too much).

The tails on the shrimp are annoying - cook the shrimp with the tails on but please pull them off before you put them on my salad! I hate having to pull them off.

Danielle (seen above) loves dessert. She has a special pocket in her belly for dessert - she's so damn skinny - I have no idea where it is - but she always finds it! I have no idea what this dessert is - it was loud and it's not on the menu. She liked it a lot though.

Overall - it's not a restaurant destination in my mind. But - they have great bands and it's a great venue for dancing - and when you're there - don't be afraid to grab a bite to eat!


  1. The pizza looks awesome.
    How the hell do you screw up pizza?

  2. How can you call that steak medium rare? You can tell by the picture it is medium well. I eat at The Redmoor all the time and they have the best food of any music venue I have ever been to.

  3. Re: steak - it was medium at best - there was a lot of pink - you're really only seeing the inside of 1-2 pieces...

    the service was HORRIBLE - so that didn't help matters anyway.

    as you said - for a music venue - they have good food - judging it on that is different than as a stand-alone restaurant - which is how i was looking at it.

    we're going back but most likely - we'll get sandwiches...

  4. As usual You just a cheap ass! How can you complain about $19.00 for salmon and asparagus if the food was bad it's your fault for not sending it back, your the one who accepted the meal and probably said everything was fine. I do agree it should be served right but we all make mistakes. The pizza did look good though.