Zips Burger Review

Who hasn't had a Zip Burger? Actually - I found someone this weekend that hadn't! My dear friend Julia - crazy thing - hadn't had a Zip Burger?!? Shocking isn't it?

Well - off we went - Zip's is in the heart of Mt. Lookout Square and is amazing. I know - everybody's all about Terry's Turf Club right now - and yes - it is my favorite - but for an institution of Cincinnati, an awesome burger and a great time - Zip's is THE place to be!

Bean with Ham Soup

I was rather hungry after 2 workouts and decided to go all out...started with the soup of the day - Bean with Ham. It was very good. Lots of vegetables - all it needed was a little bit of salt. All in all - loved it - they have great chili as well.

Double Zip - no cheese

Julia doesn't like skinny fries - they do not bring her joy - thus she decided to have double the burger and no fries. She was very happy with her burger and enjoyed her first experience.

Especially the CHOOCHOO - she was notified about the train inside by an adorable little boy outside while we were waiting.

Zip with cheese and cheese fries

I went with the classic - it's my standard order and I cannot deviate! I loved it as always. Just the right combo of toppings, burger, mayo, cheese - everything - DELECTABLE!

The cheese fries really are my favorite thing - the cheese is so smooth at first and then starts to harden (on the fries and in my arteries - yes I know!).

Sometimes - I just wanna Zips Burger and this was one of those nights and I still loved it! I think the bloggers forget about the places that made Cincinnati known for their awesome food choices!

Zip's Cafe
1036 Delta Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208

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  1. i recently went to zips and didn't post about it, because, i don't know why really. but it was good, as always. and i love the train.

  2. i know - not very many people have done blogs about it - so i felt compelled!

  3. I also like Zip's chili. Perhaps you've read my haiku in the Kenyon Review:

    I like Zip's chili
    They have more than burgers, yo
    So next time: chili

  4. I found your blog from searching for food blogs in Cincinnati. My girlfriends and I are going there this weekend and I want to find a good restaurant. It's kind of between Zips and Terry's. Any recommendations? Nothing too expensive.

  5. Sarah -

    If it's you and the girls - Terry's - definitely! Suggestions - try and go at an "off-peak" time as in don't go right at noon or right at 6pm. If you do - prepare to wait for an hour. One order of fries is plenty to share between 2-3 people as the burger is giant and very filling. Save room for dessert? Head across the street to Bella Luna for the best bread pudding in town (they have tables by the bar that are usually available).

    If you are bringing kids - Zips. It's not quite as packed and the kids always get a kick out of the train around the room. It still is busy and can have a wait - but not like Terry's.

    If you're looking for any other suggestions while in town - let me know! My other recommendation would be Nada - it's "fancy" Mexican and is downtown. Really good stuff - best guacamole in town.