Amol India - better than Baba & Akash? Well...

No. Not IMHO...

It is good though - I mean kitschy is one thing in it's favor

They serve lamb - is she cuddling it before she eats it?

Vegetable Pakora - it was drier than the stuff I normally get from Akash. Less oily - but not near as tasty...

Vegetable Samosas - I haven't had these at other Indian places but these are better than the ones at Emanu. Big, filling, tasty, spicy, very good!

Mushroom Mater: I love the version from Baba/Akash. This wasn't quite as sweet...but it was good and I have leftovers for tomorrow!

Paneer Nan: I'm a cheese fan so this was a no-brainer. It was very good but I could use a little more cheese.

Rice: how do they do it? Indian places have THE BEST RICE EVER! Anybody know how?

Amol's Chicken Special: It was tasty - my dinner date likes this dish a lot. Chicken, paneer and egg in a sauce much like Chicken Tikki Masala. I stole a bite of the chicken - it was good - big chunks.

Creepy gummy worm looking fried honey turds: the waitress brought us this for dessert. I nearly scores an F for presentation. It scores a B for taste. Once I closed my eyes and put it in my mouth - I liked it (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! come on...I had to). It squirted a little too (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! a double!!). I wouldn't pay for it...but I didn't choke on it (really - they just write themselves).

Overall - I'd rather go to Baba or Akash...but Amol wasn't bad by any means - I just like my mushroom mater & pakora better at the other places. Also I heard they were not open on Sunday evening but they were! They have a website but it's not working now so no link. They basically have the same menu.

I still haven't been to Ambar - maybe next time...

Amol Indian

(513) 961-3600
354 Ludlow Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

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  1. Have you been to Amma's Kitchen in Roselawn yet? Its all vegitarian and AWESOME. We went as a group at around 2pm on a saturday and the place was bumping, so you know it's good. The buffet was totally awesome and contained a ton of stuff i'd not seen served @ other Indian joints around town(and it came with a free order of some sort of indian goodness at the end of it all.)

  2. When my boyfriend and I lived in Clifton, we got Amol takeout at least once a week. I always preferred it over Ambar, because whether dining in or carrying out, they were always faster and friendlier than Ambar. I know people go to Ambar because it's always packed and it's the place "to see and been seen," but really, I didn't find a terribly huge difference in the taste of the food. Amol is even cheaper than Ambar by a few bucks per dish. Annnnd, Amol has my favorite naan: kashmiri naan, with coconut and golden raisins inside. (I guess it's more of a dessert naan.)

    Anyway, you mentioned being a fan of Baba India, which I believe is Ambar's sister restaurant. We live closer to Baba than any other Indian place, and occasionally dine in/carryout from there, but it is very similar to Ambar.

    I would also suggest making a trip up to Springdale to check out this virtually unheard of Indian place in a strip mall of all places. It's called Taj Mahal, and it's on Rt. 4 just south of the 275 loop. Very tasty and very classy place located between a dry cleaner and a Dairy Queen.

  3. re: anon - i went to ammas a while back - it was a little too authentic for me and i wasn't a fan...

    re: tori - i personally just like the pakoras and the mater better at baba - i like the kitschy fun atmosphere but i just truly like the taste better at baba/akash. and in the end - taste wins. the pakora was drier and the mater was more brown - i just didn't love it.

  4. I prefer Amol to Ambar and Baba. Amol's dishes have substance, whereas Ambar's dishes are thin and gravylike, with, for example, three peas or very small pieces of chicken in the Chicken Matar. In addition, I've heard a gross story or two about Baba that I better not share.