Cheap Eats Downtown! Palomino Happy Hour

Saturday was a marathon day for me - I was seriously going from 7am - 230am...yeah - around the clock. It was CUH-RAZY! That piece of my day was heading to Palomino for a quick and cheap bite to eat before heading out the Schwartz party!

We chose Palomino because of the Happy Hour - it's got great deals! Pizzas are $5, a selection of other apps are half-price and there are drink specials too!

One of my favorite things - strangely enough are the light fixtures!

Come on - they're pretty cool! The other thing - are the sights! Sat was prom night - and wow - we got a show...but then...this walked in!

That is an unfortunate shirt - but dude - he was huge! I wasn't gonna tell him that!

But - you are all here to find out about the let's get to it! We started out with the Potatoes half-price - $4.50 is an awesome deal!

These are just absolutely delicious - they're really my favorite along with the mushroom salad. But Sat night - I was in the mood for taters! This has ranch or something ranch-like poured on top and then is layered with gorgonzola. The fries are crispy and flavorful - just so delicious!

We all decided on pizzas - they're $5 - how can you turn that down?!

Sausage & Mushroom


Roasted chicken with roasted red pepper, onion and mushrooms

The pizzas at Palomino are not the best thin crust in the city - but they are good. It's an extremely thin, almost cracker crust. I personally think Betta's has one of the best thin crusts in the city...but for $5 - Palomino's are very solid. I like the chicken - it was very tender. I think my beef with the pizzas is just that they all kinda taste the same.

But - for $5 and a great view - they're a good option! Next time you're downtown and looking for a quick bite before a show or just at work late and need a bite - stop at Palomino. Happy Hour is every night of the week (even weekends) and you just have to sit in the bar area.

Palomino Euro Bistro

(513) 381-1300

505 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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  1. they do happy hour on Saturday too?
    How crazy is that?
    I'm there.

    the word verification is nervoids.
    I don't know why but that's funny.