Colorful Tour of Findlay Market

I love the idea of Findlay Market but I have only been once. Honestly - I suck at driving in OTR so I hesitate to go on my own. But this past weekend, my friend Scott planned a mega-day for us that included Findlay Market, Taste of Cincinnati and an afternoon at Dad's!

Findlay Market is the closest thing Cincinnati has to the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I love the colorful entrance! It's so bright and vibrant and just welcomes you in!

I don't know the names of any of the stores I went into but I urge you to go in and explore on your own! We saw a lot of delis and this one caught my eye because of the big ol' row of fresh breads!

Outside there were lots of vendors with fresh fruits and vegetables - a bright array of colors just waiting to be picked up and taken home!

There's also entertainment. This gentleman was outside singing and playing some great music. His name isn't James Dean - but something like that - James Deagon maybe? He made a joke, "You know James Dean? That ain't me."

Ahhhh! The magnificent morel! I have only had these once at the Summit last summer. They were decadent when I had them at the Summit.

The flowers are just beautiful - most aren't very exotic but if you're looking for a beautiful hanging basket - Findlay Market is the place!

On one end of the market there is a large fruit & vegetable merchant and there I saw this young man singing and playing his gui-tar.

There are a couple of Oriental Markets that we found...I mean who can't use some THiT GiAM BONG HEO?!

Here are some of the more exotic flowers we spotted along our tour as well.

Beyond these, inside there are the famous waffles and tons of meat markets (not like MLTs - actual sausages, steaks, etc...)! There are plenty of plant/flower vendors, fake purses, birdhouses, jewelry and more.

So it's my recommendation is that if you're new to Cincinnati or if you've lived here your whole life - if you haven't been to Findlay Market - take it upon yourself to go. Bring a "green" bag to take home all your goodies!

Findlay Market
1801 Race St, Cincinnati
(513) 721-6533


  1. Findlay has the best (and cheapest) meat in the city. Where else can you get filet for under 10.00 a lb!? and some of it is local!

    Was Mr. Pig open? We miss our BBQ rib tips. last time it was closed for repairs.

  2. i don't know which butcher it is, but they have a million kinds of sausage and we love to go and buy random ones (hungarian paprika chicken, spanish chorizo, etc). then we come home and grill them up. yummy.

  3. Steve and I are there nearly every Saturday. He picks up fresh lamb from Kroeger Meats, I get cheeses from Silverglades. The range of home grown veggies and fruit from the outdoor vendors is fantastic and the atmosphere is electric.

    Whenever we have out of town visitors we always take them to Findlay Market. Our friends cannot believe how lucky we are to have a place like it so close to home. When Neville visited we had a hard time getting him to leave the market because he loved the atmosphere and kept getting into deep conversations with passersby.

    In fact, I apologize to anyone reading who may have been accosted by a swarthier version of Davey Jones from the Monkees last autumn.