Full Disclosure - Morton's Power Hour was Free for Me and Great!

A few weeks ago a local marketing person shot me an email and offered me a chance to come to Morton's and have a Power Hour on the house!

Now some bloggers have issue with this and hey I understand. And I'm pledging this to anyone that stumbles upon my blog - if I don't like it - EVEN IF IT'S FREE - I'll tell ya!!!!

With that, I quickly accepted and was excited to head out to see what these happy hour specials were all about. So - for Power Hour all of their appetizers are $5 and they have drink specials for $4, $5 and $6. (seen to the left)

I think you could definitely have 2-3 appetizers and a couple drinks and for $25 + tip you've just had a very fancy Morton's dinner for $30!

The atmostphere is very snappy although I must admit - it's a blue suit convention! There were more navy suits than a Delta airlines convention!

Here's the cute and attentive bartender...he was a drink mixin master! Very prompt and attentive but not annoying - you know what I mean!

Scott decided to partake in a Vodka Mortini - he liked it. I don't drink em so I can't say...he did like the ice floating around.

I got the Spritz - Porsecco, Aperol and OJ. It was a little bitter - I'm all about fizzy and sweet. I asked for some pineapple juice to sweeten it up and was obliged kindly. This made the drink better for me...I enjoyed it!

Their appetizer menu is plentiful - so we went for almost 1 of everything to try them all. I mean - at $5 each - we could!

We started with 3 mini cheeseburgers. They're pretty tall which makes them a little difficult to eat. They also were a little salty - fortunately for me - I love salt! These were Scott's favorite and I have to say - I made sure to try a bite of just the burger and it was really good!

Crab Cakes - 3 small crab cakes and a side of mayo. The crab cakes - well they're all crab - I mean - really - ALL CRAB! I think the mayo could have had a little more flavor...but the cakes themselves were delightful. I'd love to have a full sized one.

Iceberg Wedges with Bleu Cheese and such - I hate bleu cheese but these didn't have too much on them so I tried them. They were really good! As the only lighter item on the menu - it was nice to start with. The toppings were plentiful as well! They are definitely not skimpy on ANYTHING!

Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches - these were really good. The bread was very soft and the steak was perfectly prepared. I would have liked maybe more sauce (supposed to be mustard mayo on them but I couldn't taste it). But the meat - delicious! I really liked this one!

I've never had the regular menu but I hear there's a "presentation" of the food. And they have this setup for you to see as you walk in. Seems a little silly - I mean - it's broccoli and a big ass potato! But hey - people must like it. I would like the meat part - to know more of what I'm ordering.

Crab, Artichoke & Spinach Dip - this was my favorite! I mean - duh! It was a large serving and the crostini's were PERFECT! Crispy but soft on the inside and the dip was delightful. It was an afterthought on the order but very glad we did!

Here's a closeup - wanted you to see the yumminess. Also remember - you can click the photos for a larger version!

So there you have it - a free meal during Power Hour at Morton's. It was very very good! The drink specials are affordable, the apps are as tasty as they are large! It's really nice - sort of someplace you can take someone and show them the classier side of Cinci!

I also hear the Chocolate Cake is to die (regular menu) for but we decided to leave it for the next person...

I also want to say - Tim - the maitre'd - was fabulous! Now I know - he was catering to us - but he was really great! Very friendly and attentive.

So - next time you're stuck at work and starving - hit the skywalk or the square and head over to Morton's for the Power Hour! $5 apps and great drinks! If you're going to pick three - I would recommend the salads, the burgers and the dip! (although the steak was really great too) They also have chicken strips and cheese fries - but they're bleu cheese fries which is why I didn't get them.

I guess if there's one beef - get it - haha - BEEF - (they serve a lot of it - I'm trying to be funny - give me a damn break - it's almost midnight!) - okay if there's one beef - all the apps are mainly meat-focused. I mean - even the salads have bacon. Maybe throw the macaroni & cheese in or possibly come up with something creative with a vegetable (the beefsteak tomato?). Not that a vegetarian is gonna be overjoyed about Morton's - but it'd be nice for variety and something a little lighter.

Okay - so that's it - I loved it! It ranks right up there with the Happy Hour awesomeness that is Palomino! (What? You haven't been there either?! Oh - for another review...)

I will definitely be back...like seriously...anybody busy tomorrow?

(Keep in mind - Power Hour is 5-630 - so leave work at 5 and get some food!)

Morton's Steakhouse (513) 621-3111

441 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202


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Morton's - the Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


  1. Have you ever hit up the Netherland Bar (in the Hilton downtown) for happy hour? Its really a great deal - it runs until 7pm, and all martinis are 1/2 price, well drinks are 3$ and beers are 2$. PLUS all apps are half off and they pour the mixed drinks STRONG.

  2. That bartender you pictured is Ian, and he is the best mixologist in this City, bar none. Let him make you a Pisco Sour next time you are there.

    "It's the best Jerry! The best!!"
    -Kenny Bania

  3. i know that you said the food was great, and i have no doubt that it was. do you think that the fact that the food and service were so good was because of the fact that they knew you were there to review their restaurant? or do you think that the food and service are always that good?

    just curious to know your thoughts on whether or not you get treated differently when you're more than just the average customer....

  4. stef - i truly think the service there is just good all the time. i mean - yes - the maitre'd came over a lot but ian (thanks cincycapell) was just as attentive and friendly with the other patrons as far as i could see...

    the food also looked identical to everybody else's that came out...

    so i'd hope it was an average experience...