Italianette Review

I've driven by the Italianette probably 1000 times over the past five years but never had the chance to stop in.

They've recently opened a location in East Hyde Park. I'm not sure if they're separate or together - but here's the menu for both.

This day was a fun one - my friend Amy and I went to Benken Florist & Greenhouse to buy some really cool Hibiscus! They just got them in and they are $19.95! I can't wait for it to bloom!

After flower's pizza time!

This location is on Plainfield Rd in Silverton and is very homey, low-key restaurant. Very family oriented and fairly generic.

We were hungry - boot camp has been kicking our butts - so we started with a side salad.

Side salad was just iceberg, mozzerella and a few scant unripened tomatoes with a packet of dressing. Not too impressive but actually - it was pretty good. I think I was pretty hungry though and a load of cheese never hurt anything!

Breadsticks with cheese - these are similar to but way better than LaRosa's! Not sure why but they were a lot better. Served with prepacked garlic butter and it wasn't melted.
We ordered a medium 1/2 cheese and 1/2 taco. The taco is closer to the camera in this shot. It wasn't exactly what I expected - I'm used to it being covered with toppings - but open mind!
The waitress did offer sour cream, tomatoes and lettuce (no chips?) to put on top of the pizza which I definitely did. The base is meat & onions. It was okay. I mean - the taste was very meaty but it just wasn't what I expected from Taco.

Overall the Italianette is VERY affordable. We each got drinks, a salad, then we shared breadsticks and a pizza and the total was $23!

The restaurant itself - well I want to love it - but I just liked it. I did hear that the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is great - if/when I go back I'll be sure to try that.

I wish they had a bit more "homemade" things - I mean - salad dressing, garlic butter, etc... I understand it's small and family-oriented but I think they could incorporate a few touches that would improve the food a bit.

I will say - service was great! Friendly, fast and attentive.

Italianette Pizza
6916 Plainfield Rd
Cincinnati, OH

(513) 791-7650
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UPDATE: I went back and had a different pizza and liked it a lot better. I'm now a huge fan of this BBQ Chicken & Bacon pizza!

It's my favorite and I have been back for it twice!


  1. I live across the street from their new Hyde Park location. Their hoagies have a weekly treat in our diet. I really like both the Chicken Ranch Club and the Meatball hoagie.

  2. Italianette is GREAT! Hussy should have gotten some kind of meat on her salad - FANATASTIC! Service and food are excellent. You will find me there EVERY Wednesday night. Wouldn't miss it for the world.


  3. 1st of all… the Hyde Park location doesn’t come close to Silverton Krimmer’s Italianette, and are not connected. I have been going to Krimmers Italianette for more than 6 years. The Hoagies are fantastic. The pizza is the best in Cincinnati. If the Hussy wanted a pizza with toppings she should have tried the Deluxe 7. The BLT salad with REAL bacon is one of a kind. The Cajun pizza and the BLT pizza are 2 of the best non traditional pizza’s I have ever tasted. Hussy should have read the menu a little closer or asked one of the wonderful servers for a suggestion, before ordering, she would have had a better experience. I think she should try again. Tina - Sycamore Township