"JeanRo" Bistro - Fancy (& Free) Lunch Day!

Today was Fancy Lunch Day. It's a little tradition at my job - a group of us foodies get together and go out to eat for something a little extra special. We were supposed to go for Korean but circumstances changed and Miss @redrabbit and I ended up the only two and we decided on JeanRo Bistro.

We started out with a wonderful warm loaf of bread and most importantly - SOFT BUTTER! It looks like a big ol' scoop of ice cream but no - it's butter. The bread was very fresh and we enjoyed it very much.

Thanks to Red's high school french classes - I found out the Croque Madame was a grilled ham & cheese with an egg on top. Then I caught a glimpse of it on someone else's table - I was sold! Turns out it's also got bechamel poured over the top - oh yeah - cuz the cheese, ham, egg - that wasn't enough - we need to throw some bechamel on top! It also came with pommes frittes (french fries).

The sandwich itself - wonderful thick bread - this ain't no wonda bread! I'm not sure how much cheese is actually on it - but not really sure I needed any more either. The bechamel was delightfula as was the egg. The best part about the egg - when I broke it - it didn't run all over - sort of stayed together but was definitely runny. It was very odd but great! I would really love this too if it was sort of open-faced and only had one piece of bread. It's a lot of bread.

The pommes frittes - they were good. Crispy but a little soft - just the way I like them.

Red decided on a croissant with chicken antiboise salad and a salad. What the hell is antiboise?

antiboise = Mayonnaise combined with tomato purée, and finished with anchovy paste and tarragon

This picture isn't very appetizing looking and it's a little blurry but she said it tasted good! Red said she NEVER gets chicken salad so she decided she should venture out and try something different.

Now, we've been here before and we know - SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT!

Red and I used process of elimination - cuz duh - they all sound great! We ended up on Chocolate Mousse. It was very very rich but very good. Not light and fluffy like most mousse but good nonetheless. If you like chocolate - this is the dessert for you.

Now we did find out that the menu is changing in the next few days - probably changing away from anything JeanRo since he's not affiliated with them any longer. Still not really sure what they're going to do with the name...

I have to also mention our service - it was excellent - he was a great server. Very friendly, helpful and kinda funny. He airplane swooped Red her dessert menu...

And - to Clark Kent sitting at the bar - if you happen to read this - email me! (Or if the bartender that was chatting it up with him - you can email me too).

We stayed in the cheap realm for the lunch menu - I'd love to go sometime and actually have someone else paying! hahaha

Actually - this was free for me... I had been to Chalk during Restaurant Week and had terrible service so they gave me a $20 gift card. I suppose I should have gone back to Chalk but screw that - I used it at JeanRo. But I felt I should disclose that - a meal is always better when it's free.

But this was a darn good FLD (fancy lunch day).

I also highly recommend you institute FLD at your work place! There are a lot of great places in Cincinnati to explore!


(513) 621-1465

413 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202


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