Los Portales or El Rancho Grande? It's all good Mexican!

Tonight I headed out to a Meetup group that I've been wanting to go to - the CLEO (Cincinnati Let's Eat Out) - I mean - it's right up my alley! Meetups are a way for local people to gather in groups based on interests (eating, hiking, reading, etc...).

We headed out to Los Portales - well what USED to be Los Portales. Now it's apparently been purchased by the El Rancho Grande local franchise as seen by the new sign we saw tonight!

Since it was Cinco de Mayo-eve I had to have a margarita! Not quite enough salt for me but good and definitely kinda strong. They had a way huger size that was $5 during happy hour...I was too late for that!

Since we were there for a meetup - the restaurant did a buffet for us! It was great to try different items...

We had a buffet of goodies to choose from...there was chicken & steak fajita meat. Both were really great! Full of onions, peppers, tomatoes and flavorful meat! There was also ground beef for those that wanted that route.

We had rice (pretty good - pretty bland), refried beans (bland - fine) and quesadillas (EXCELLENT!) as well. I have to say - the quesadillas were great - my favorite item of the night. There might have been ranch in them too??? I'm not sure but they were great!

Of course we had all of the accoutrements for a fabulous Mexican fiesta! One person seriously ate a pound and a half of guacamole. He's going to be as green as Kermit for the next couple of days!

In the end - a great Mexican meal and a container FULL of leftovers to take to work tomorrow!!!

It's not Nada but for good standard Mexican - I'd definitely head back to this Beechmont stop!

Los Portales/El Rancho Grande
5230 Beechmont Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45230

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  1. Food Hussy,

    Next time, PLEASE try the Pollo Loco. By far, the best dish, and great alternative to the fajitas. Includes chicken breast ( savory and salty), rice, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and onions swimming in the most flavorful white queso out there. All this and tortillas to make a few of your own wraps on the side.

    Unbelieveable taste!!