Northside Fun on the Weekend - Lunch at Melt!

I am spending more and more time in Northside - it's such a unique neighborhood - I'm a bit jealous actually! I wish Pleasant Ridge had a bit more of that feel and a few more of their businesses!

Saturday for lunch, Carole and I headed to Melt...I'd been once before but hadn't reviewed and was excited to go back.
It's a cute little spot along Hamilton just down the street from the Hideaway & Northside Tavern.

Inside are two huge chalkboards that are filled with all of the vegan, vegetarian and carnivore selections. There are also items from Take the Cake for dessert.

The soda selection isn't the normal Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite. I got a Pomegranite Izze which was delicious. It can be quite busy when you order so you get an animal on a stick for your table order. I was a turtle on this day.

Muffeletta $7.65
Turkey, olive tapenade, roasted red peppers and provolone melted on focaccia.

Carole got this - it looked good. I didn't try it but the bread seemed pretty crispy and I wasn't sure if it was really "mushable" as in getting the sandwich to press together. She did get another one to go for her husband.

The sandwich comes with a side option. Carole and I both chose the salad with the creamy garlic dill dressing. Pleased to say - we both enjoyed it. There are multiple side choices, some with additional cost.

The Hoffner $8.45
Roast beef, marinated mushrooms, red onions, baby spinach, Swiss and horseradish vegan mayo melted on sourdough rye.

This was my choice. It was really good and I enjoyed it very much. I'd love the sandwich with chicken instead of roast beef - I'm not a big "deli meat" fan but this was definitely tasty!

There you have it - quick and painless - Melt is great!

Caveat: There are quite a few things on the menu that someone who likes "plain" and "normal" might take issue with - but I'm sure there's a way to get turkey and lettuce on white bread as well.

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  1. i adore melt. somehow sandwiches just taste better there.