Quickie Downtown Lunch - Mythos! Gyros!

One of my favorite downtown lunch spots is Mythos! I honestly have never thought to review it - it's such a standard - but I was there - I had my camera - BAM! Here we go!

On this day, I stopped into the "big" Mythos on 4th St. There's also an express location a couple blocks away at 410 Vine. The big Mythos has an express line with a smaller menu as well as a regular line with the full menu.

I love the big Mythos because of the specials - today was Pastitsio - which I've had before - it has a heavy bechamel top and is very good. BUT - I was in the mood for the standard!

Gyro & Fries! At Mythos - you don't need a pic of the fries...they're crinkle cut and they're fine. I always get an extra side of Tsatsiki sauce for the fries.

The gyros there are really good - a little onion heavy - but the lamb is sooooo good. It's a comfort food - a little messy and delicious! While it's not my favorite gyro in the city but I do love it.

So if you're downtown and craving Greek - definitely stop over to Mythos!

100 E. 4th
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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