Take the Cake and the Lunch!

Been dying to try Take the Cake in Northside after following them on Twitter. See - every day they post their menu - oye and on Tuesdays you get $1 off if you mention Twitter!

My coworker and I finally found a day open and went...on the way we HAD to stop into the Northside Gallery to see the kitten from last weekend's visit to Slims.

We also got to see some cool art!

And we saw the kitten but she was too squirly for the camera - so we got a picture of what we thought was the mama cat - but it's not - she's just her buddy. She was camera-ready and very talkative!

But onto Take the Cake!
Too many vertical pictures - but it's the way the door is - I couldn't help it. Take the Cake is in a nice, unassuming location across the street from Slims and Honey.

Once inside - the counter is jam-packed with patrons ready to get their lunch on and ready to get their cupcake on!

The seating is "European" as one woman described it with communal tables as well as counter seating. I definitely enjoyed it as we struck up a nice conversation with the ladies next to us!

So much so - they let us take a pic of their dessert! The top is a lemon poundcake, the bottom is a chocolate cupcake with cheesecake on the top exploding out of it. I decided that's what I'm getting next time!

But onto our lunch - I had requested via twitter something with goat cheese. Not too much of a stretch - usually is every day! This was the roasted red pepper and goat cheese pizza. Quite a helping size! It was pretty good - I think if it had been HOT it would have been excellent. The salad needed more dressing...but I was saving room for a cupcake (yes - eat the pizza, not the salad - makes no sense).

My coworker chose the Spinach & Cream Cheese Quiche - yeah - cream cheese! She said it was much like goat cheese in this instance and enjoyed it. She did say the best part was the crust and agreed about the salad.

Lisa also likes the backward logos from inside the store and we had to snap a shot of the ladies sitting next to us on their way back to work.

It is a bakery first and a lunch spot second...so we had to save room for dessert. There are brownies, macaroons, coconut cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, custards, cakes and cookies! So much to choose from!

Lisa chose the chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing. She was definitely happy with it. The cupcake isn't really moist and is dense.

I had to go for the coconut with cream cheese frosting. It's also a coconut cupcake...Again - dense cupcake. I also realized I think I'm more of a buttercream fan - it's good for cream cheese frosting - that's just not my favorite. I'm a sugar addict.

Also worth mentioning the lunch specials are pretty affordable. Both of ours were $5.50 each...and a $2.50 cupcake and it's not a bad lunch. The cupcakes are dense too - you might be able to split one although I'm not big on sharing cupcakes.

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