Taste of Cincinnati!

Taste of Cincinnati - seems like a match made in heaven with the Food Hussy! Sunday, Scott and I headed downtown to experience the Taste and here's a round up of the days events!

My plan with all these vendors staring me down is to try things I wouldn't normally have. That means no LaRosas, Izzy's, Montgomery Inn, etc... If I've had it before - I'm not havin it today!

We started with a Taz gyro ($4). Scott didn't like it...the one bite I had was fine but not the best I've had. My friend Amy had one and loved it...so mixed reviews.

Next up was Balboa's. Scott couldn't stare at the counter full of pizza any longer! Plus - Balboa's just opened a new location in O'Bryonville and he wanted to check it out.

He chose the pepperoni ($2) and it was pretty good. Very thin crust...would have been better had it been piping hot.

Here he is chompin down the 'za!

This was just a fun sight to see outside of Morton's. It's the Shock Top Belgian White car!

Then I bumped into the UC Bearcat on Fountain Square!!!!

I hadn't really had any food at this point, so I was ready! We came up to the Vitor's booth and I had to try something! I was hungry for an entree so I tried their Chicken Adobo ($4) . Rice cooked perfectly with shredded chicken that was a little spicy and very juicy. I was VERY pleased with my choice.

Vitor's won best dessert for their amazing french toast - while I didn't try it - it was flying out of there so I was able to grab a quick picture!

We did wander by Andy from Andy's Mediterranean and one of his formerly living friends.

I kept seeing people wander by with ears of corn ($2) and finally found them at the Pit to Plate BBQ booth! It was ok - a little undercooked. Not near as good as what I used to get at the BBQ Roundup back home!

Scott was thirsty and saw these fruit margaritas so he decided to try the lime ($7). He didn't like it - it was really sweet. He's a picky sort!

Scott is also a free sample whore...as you can see he was very excited about his Sensodyne Toothpaste.

I saved the best for last! I was about to hit up Izzy's for a Potato Pancake but I thought - oh no - there are Izzy's downtown - I can go there Tuesday. I decided on the amazing, astounding, sweet, rich and decadent Bread Pudding ($4) from Bella Luna. This is truly my favorite dessert in Cincinnati. Wait - my 2nd favorite. My favorite is their Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding.

Next time you go to Terry's Turf Club - split the burger with a friend or don't get the fries - just save a little room and head across the street to Bella Luna for the bread pudding. You will NOT be sorry!

This was the end of my eating frenzy - but we stopped by the Smoothie King booth for a sample and a coupon from what I am announcing as "Taste of Cincinnati's Hottest Guy"! Yowza! (click to enlarge - he's hot)

We ended our tour by seeing my good friend's fiance drum himself up with Robin Lacy & Dezydeco!

The band typically throws beads out into the audience, well our friend Julie had her son Ty there and he was all about getting some beads!

We did tell Ty the secret that girls will do fun things to get those beads! Hey now - don't worry - we kept it PG! We told him if a girl smiles at him - he can give her beads.

There you have it - Taste of Cincinnati 2009 Food Hussy style! Hope to see you all next year!


  1. Forget the pizza at Balboa's... get the Philly cheesesteak.

  2. actually - had the philly cheesesteak at the new obryonville location and it wasn't good.

    argh - how disappointing!