Anything good at the Levee? We tried Claddagh Irish Pub...

Sunday was Father's Day and coincidentally my friend Lou and I don't have fathers around to celebrate with so we choose to ignore the holiday together!

We were heading to Newport on the Levee to see The Hangover - FANTASTIC MOVIE! Before the movie we decided to grab a bite or two...her favorite spot on the Levee is Claddagh Irish Pub. She loves their fries - and some of you may have read reviews when I've eaten with her before - she's picky as hell!
It was really busy with the Father's Day traffic - I've never seen that many people there!

Paddy Mac’s Corned Beef & Slaw Corned beef topped with Irish cole
slaw & Swiss cheese served on grilled Marble Rye. Also available with turkey! 8.99

This was my choice - I am usually a fish & chips girl but the new menu and the fact that it was lunch made me change my mind. I love Ruebens and this was a little different but I decided to give it a whirl. I obviously got the corned beef - I mean - turkey? GAK!

The corned beef was DELICIOUS! Like seriously - I cannot say enough - it was flavorful, plentiful and just fan-damn-tastic! (That's a Lou-ism.)

The change of cole slaw instead of sauerkraut? Meh - I'll stick with sauerkraut. First half was fine - 2nd half - I took the cole slaw out. I wouldn't get this again because of the cole slaw - but I'll definitely get something with the corned beef!

The fries are soooo good! Make sure you get the pub chips - these are the wedges with skin on and they are really great! The menu changed a few months ago and now they offer another kind of fry - don't get em - make sure to get the pub chips!

Our Sizzling Signature Steak Burger Grilled steak burger on a Brioche
bun, lettuce, tomato & onion. 8.99

Now said friend - yes same person from the Balboa's fiasco - always gets her burger the same way. She gets it well done and plain! They could keep the bun and she'd be fine. This day she also got bacon - now uniquely - she eats the bacon separately.

There was cole slaw on her plate as well - she allowed it to stay there long enough for me to take a photo and then it was banished to my plate. She's not a cole slaw fan. I liked it okay - it's very creamy. KFC is still my favorite cole slaw of all time - isn't it everybody's?

Friend greatly enjoyed the burger but moreso the fries. She was in happyland. We were a bit distressed while waiting for our food - seeing another group get their plates and eyeing the "other" fries...but our waiter quickly reassured us - we were getting the ones we liked!

Friend is pretty picky but likes the burger and fries at Claddagh so I will kindly oblige and go!

They also have a big bar with tvs...and there's a nice patio that faces the river and the Purple People Bridge as well.

While it's not my favorite spot at the Levee I do enjoy every trip to Claddagh but I'll bet that has something to do with the company.

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  1. I really like Claddagh but I always stay away from cole slaw. I think it's the grossest food every created. Great review, and I'm glad you removed the slaw halfway through your meal.

  2. Next time, try the Irish Monte Cristo. OMG.