My favorite Indian?????

After volunteering with Crossroads at the City Gospel Mission Friday night - my friend and I were hungry! We'd served up a couple hundred cheese coneys and brownies to some great folks but we didn't get any for ourselves. So we had to stop at Baba India in Oakley for some din-din!

Baba has the same menu as Ambar, Akash and a few others and I have a favorite - so I was very excited!
Most people tend to have a "favorite" when it comes to Indian. Katie and I were no exception! Katie's choice is the Chicken Jalfrezi. I had never had it so she allowed me to take a bite and it was delicious!

Of course we couldn't be at Baba without nan...our choice was Garlic Nan. I'm a garlic fan!!!!! And let me say - anybody that wants to tell me what the rice is and how they cook it to make it so damn awesome - I'd love to hear!

And my choice - Mushroom Mater. I'm not a vegetarian but I found this dish on a buffet at Akash and fell in love with it. It's my favorite and I never get anything else. I love the tomato cream sauce. It's just my absolute favorite!

I can't say enough about Baba - haven't been to Ambar yet but I love Baba and it's five minutes away!

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  1. It's is in everything on the menu and that is what makes it delicious.

    I'm a fan of Lamb Rogan Josh and Chicken Tikka Masala.

  2. Dal Makhani is great too for a vegetarian lentil dish.

  3. It's basmati rice, a staple in any good Indian meal