Between Hustler and the former Wah-mee - Deli Goodness?

Over the winter my coworker and I started walking the skywalk to get in better shape. As we walked into the building to get to the skywalk, we noticed something was going in next door. Finally it took shape and was revealed!
Elm Street Deli is also known as "Toby's" - Toby and his brother used to own the spot in the Enquirer building pre-Bagel Stop days. (I wasn't around then.)

The girls behind the deli counter are a riot! They are really fun and enjoyable while you're up getting your order!

I got a turkey bagel sandwich. The bagel is from Brueggers which is nice cuz I love me some Bruegger's! I got turkey, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, pickles and a little mayo. This was delicious! The bagel came toasted or un. Very good!

The soup for the day was chicken with brown rice. It tasted like white sausage gravy - luckily I love that stuff - but not too healthy. haha! It was thick and very good. The bowl is self-serve and one-size-only so it's sort of honors system as far as how much you take. Because of the creamy nature I did not get a full full bowl.

Russ got tuna salad on the everything bagel as well. He also enjoyed it very much! He got soup as well. For 2 sandwiches, 2 soups and 2 sodas the total was $20 - so it's not as cheap as Subway, etc...

We also noticed in the corner something wonderful!!!! More on that later...

The deli also has a full drink section with brand-spanking new coolers...

Lots of breakfast and snack's very clean and neat and tidy. Nice to see...

Russ and I went for a walk and then decided we needed some 99% fat free frozen yogurt! Now Columbo isn't my favorite - it's no TCBY or Yagoot - but it's fine and dandy for a hot summer day! This was $4 for the two cups.

Also - can you tell which of us worked for an ice cream parlor for a summer? Yeah - me and my strawberry/vanilla twist! Russ' was a mangled mess! But it all eats the same.

Want to note - we saw the salad's being made - they looked great too!

I will definitely be back to Toby's - especially since it's sooooo close to my work!

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  1. There's got to be some kind of funny joke about the proximity of lunch meats and Hustler...