Boneless Wings My Ass!

Now I know - I always hit the locals but I have to admit - every once in a while - I gotta do a drive-thru! It sucks - I wish I could always go someplace unique and new - but I can't help it - I do love a Big Mac.

On this particular occasion though - it was Dave Thomas' famous Wendys!

I was driving out to a friend's place and it was late and I was hungry - so yes - I did it.

I went to a crappy drive thru. Normally I like Wendys - today I came through and noticed something new!

They have these new boneless wings in 3 flavors: Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken.

It was 6 "boneless wings" made of breast meat. Isn't it contradictory to say it's a WING made of BREAST meat?

They aren't boneless wings - they're chicken nuggets - just f'in say that.

They're basically just 6 nuggets microwaved and thrown in some sauce...the asian stuff has a kick. Look at those red pepper flakes! It was kinda spicy! They weren't bad but they weren't great either.

Normally I like Wendy's fries but these dogs were f'in old as hell! Look at those sad ass fries! They were stale and crappy. Yucko!

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  1. I also had a poor Wendy's experience a month or so back at a Northern KY location. I got on line and complained. Amazingly, the manager of the Wendy's called me, was very apologetic, told me how she was going to try and improve, and asked me to come by for a free replacement mean. Got to give some credit for the follow up.

  2. Ya get what ya pay for!