Quatman's Review

People have been telling me for quite some time that I need to go to Quatman's. There have been some "better than Terry's" lines thrown around...those are big words!

Quatman's is a little bar just off Montgomery Rd at Quatman Ave. There's a big church across the street - good landmark! There's a small lot as well as quite a bit of street parking.

Inside you'll find a picnic waiting to happen! Crisp red & white cloth table cloths, a bunch of tables and a fairly bright restaurant/bar for being a bar. Have a seat and someone will be right with you...(we weren't sure but yes!).

I was starving and the menu is pretty much 10 items long...so I decided to have some soup to start with. Based on the servers reco I went with chili - it was pretty good. Beans, meat, etc... not the best I've ever had but pretty good.

Also - they serve Pepsi AND Coke products...and Diet Mt Dew! I know - it's a Pepsi product but it's rare to get at a restaurant.

My friend got a plain burger - yes same friend that got the plain burger at Balboa's. Guess what? She liked it! She did say it wasn't quite as good as the Gaslight but she liked it and would definitely go back. She also said the fries were great...

I got the special which was a cheeseburger, fries and drink for $6.19 - good deal! I really liked it! I guess I'd like a few more toppings (lettuce, tomato) but it was a good BIG burger.

A few other things of note:

* the ham & cheese looked AWESOME - it's the special on tuesday
* Quatman's used to be a grocery store
* I think the story was that one of the former grocery delivery "boys" from years ago is now the owner
* there's also still a deli - you can get meats, cheeses and homemade chicken salad (excellent - I took some home) and ham salad
* soups are homemade
* family owned and operated
* very family friendly

I will DEFINITELY be back to Quatman's!

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  1. I was meh on Quatman's. No where near as good as Zip's, Terry's or Hyde Park Tavern. It was hyped so much that it came no where near meeting expectations.

  2. I didn't have burger at HPT but I wouldn't go back there...once was enough.

    Not as good as Terrys - I feel ya on that.

    But I liked that it was easy to get a table, the staff was extremely friendly and the food was solid.

    Amazing? No...but pretty darned good and 2 min from my house...and I don't have to wait for an hour like Zips & Terrys!

  3. The asian burger or bleu (or even better the sampler slider set) at HPT is pretty good and you can't beat the outdoor patio there. Certainly not as cozy as Molly Malone's but that stretch of Erie is much quieter than the Montgomery. Eventhough I'm 2 minutes from Molly's and maybe 4 from Quatman's, I'm much more likely to head over to HP, Mt. Lookout or Linwood for a burger (or I suppose make it myself).

  4. I think I'm in the Quatman's court now...I really liked it. I love Gas Light too though...If I'm going to HP - I'll go the extra 5 to Terry's. I never make burgers at home...I need a grill.

  5. Pan fried 80/20 beef with a little garlic, salt and pepper is damn tasty.

  6. Do you want to know what nights I'm available next week? We are neighbors after all!

  7. Cooking is important skill to learn...what will you do when then next big wind storm comes and cuts off power and closes all the restaurants?

  8. Do I detect a bit of food courting going on? ;)

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  10. Um - same thing I did last time - cold cereal and drive to the one part of town that has electricity!

    I kid! I actually cook - just not that often.

    We did go to Subway on Reading the night the power went out. We were the last ones to get food because they ran out of bread and wraps.

  11. It brings a tear to my eye to see people enjoying and raving about Quatman's!

    I miss Quatman's and all the staff there so much, since moving to Seattle in July, 2009.

    Have you checked out 5 Guys Burger and Fries by UC yet?