Chi-nnati's - the new kid in town

In the former Jalapenos near Kenwood Mall a new pizza place has emerged - Chi-nnati's. It's a combo of Chicago & Cincinnati (duh) and they have thick crust Chicago style pizza and thin crust pizza.

My friend Amy and I decided on take-out last week because we weren't very presentable and I convinced her to try out the new place. Amy's not big on "new" so she was a little skeptical - but she went for it with me.

Chi-nnati's doesn't have delivery but they do have a separate take-out door and waiting area. It's pretty nice and the order was ready exactly when they said it would be.

The person on the phone wasn't very helpful. I asked if they had breadsticks with cheese and he said "Yeah - we have garlic bread with cheese" - well that is different. Then I asked if he had any vegetarian, chicken or interesting pizza's (was thinking along the lines of Dewey's-like). He said well - we have the pizza with sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, etc... Um - sausage and pepperoni - not really unique. They do have a Pesto Shrimp pizza I would have loved to have tried - but he didn't mention it and I didn't have a menu. They need to educate the phone people a little more.

We got garlic bread with cheese. It was okay. Now granted - we did get it take-out so it sat for 4 minutes in the time it took to get from Chi's to Amy's house. It was just okay - not enough garlic.

We got a thin crust half-cheese/half-vegetable pizza. It was mediocre at best. The crust isn't very thin - I mean - I it's thinner than thick but it's not paper thin or NY thin - which is what I was hoping for.

The vegetarian side - well it was mediocre at best. A new pizza place in 2009 needs more adventurous vegetables. There were peppers, onions, mushrooms, onions and black olives. Oooh exciting. (sarcasm, sarcasm)

So - I'd give it another chance - mainly cuz I'm not a fan of LaRosa's but I'd like to try the thick crust in the restaurant.

But overall - I'm not too excited about the new kid in town.

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  1. I much prefer Jalapeno's and miss it very much. If it's good pizza you're looking for, look elsewhere.

  2. I miss Jalapeno's too!

    And then...

    1. There is no good pizza in Cincinnati. The stuff that you get here isn't even pizza. We're not splitting hairs here. It's not even close.
    2. That said.. the thin crust "pizza" at Chi-nnati's is awful. VERY soggy, lackluster sauce, cut in little squares (like for status meeting pizza).
    3. The waiter was hyper. After the meal, he took my credit card and walked all around the restaurant with it for about 10 minutes (better check that bank statement).
    4. Cheese sticks? How Olive Garden. Why not fries on the pie -- guess I better not even joke about that.

    Perhaps Food Hussy should recuse herself when it comes to judging pizza ... or spend a bit of time in New Yawk (and even there, pizza is a dying commodity.. so hurry up).

  3. David - why do I have to recuse myself from judging pizza? I've been to NYC - I know good pizza - hell I said I didn't like the thin-crust at Chi's - so we agree and you're knocking me? Damn!

  4. I'm in a state or city of perpetual damnation and I deserve to be damned for being over the top. That said, here - in case you missed it - is a nice pizza piece from Tuesday's NY Times:

    Forgive my carping, but it's sad to watch the slippery meatball of expediency turn one culinary archetype after another into cardboard. Not everything that's round and doughy qualifies as pizza, just as round holey squishy over-sized blueberry breakfast shapes are not bagels and chocolate cheddar chili isn't .. well let's put that on hold. And who but Food Hussy is in a position to stem the tide of mediocrity while encouraging the best (especially in a city with no visible means of journalism)?

    Maybe it's not so much about whether it's good pizza but whether it is pizza. BTW there are a few interesting pies to be had in town ... like at at Via Vite and The Quarter. I'm sure that there are others.

  5. Just tried this place over the weekend and wasn't impressed. It was way too expensive for pizza and side salads for two people--almost $50--and it wasn't anything special. It was tasty in a normal sort of way and if it were cheaper I'd go back, but it was not special enough for that bill.

  6. I can't believe what I'm reading here-Pizza at Chi-nnati's not like was expected(NY like pizza)?DUH, it's Chicago style pizza and it is perfect=just like in Chi town, and YES cut in squares-DUH again. Have you ever being in Chicago? Also, they have Chicago Dog-to die for.

  7. Chi Nnati was the worst dinning experience I have ever encountered. We waited 15 minutes without even being greeted, had to ask for a server, and were told that we would have to move to another table in order to be served. We had the unfortunate experience of being sat next to a group of over intoxicated men who found it necessary to shout the "F" bomb at the top of their lungs for my three year old daughter and all of the other children to hear. The manager Neal was completely unable to handle the situation. Told us that we needed to switch tables yet again, but he would speak with them. The table was then served another round of shots and a pitcher of beer. This of course lead to much more "F" bombs being shouted. When we asked if we could please have our pizza to go, the manager told me that i had no reason to be mad and that it was to be expected on a Friday night. "In a family restraunt??" I asked and he told me yes and that he could not do anything about the situation that I should have moved. To top this experience off, while eating our now cold pizza at home, my husband found a long hair as a hidden surpise inside the pizza. I suggest you never ever waste your money or your family dinner on Chi nnati's!!

  8. I was very disappointed with Chi-Nati's deep dish pizza. I've been to Chicago and have eaten Uno's and Giordano's deep dish pizza and Chi-Nati's pales in comparison. The crust tasted like it had way too much yeast it in. It gave it an almost pilsner beer taste - which is okay if that's the way they had advertised it. Instead it was an unpleasant surprise.

    Cincinnati does have a few really nice pizza restaurants. Chi-Nati's is not one of them. Try Mio's in Mariemont or Pomodoro's in Montgomery. Mio's deep dish is great and Pomodoro's is one of the only places in town where you can get authentic wood oven fired pizza.

  9. It should be called Crap-Natti's. My husband and I got a deep dish pie- mediocre meats, ok sauce that was overshadowed with that horrific cornmeal crust (YUCK) that was half baked and the ricotta wasn't even the least bit warm. We suffered through and ate it. After dropping off our guests- what I thought was indigestion turned out to be food poisoning. I hadn't eaten anything else that day, and I called the Manager/owner to complain and he yelled that I had to be an imbecile and his pizza is PERFECT and would never harm anyone.

    Yeah buddy- tell that to Bethesda North.

    If you hate your bowels, head on over to Shit-Natti's - sorry Chi-Natti.

    Oh- by the way, Chicago called and said to quit lying on them.


  10. Loved the accurate post above, Shit-natti's, indeed. Dire, dire crap. If anyone claiming to be from the Chicagoland area thinks that this is even acceptable pizza, he/she must have never eaten anything other than frozen pizza. Add terrible service to the inedible pies, and you have a recipe for failure in Chicago, but (sadly) success here.