Newport Pizza Company Review

My friends and I were all excited to go to York St. Cafe on Monday before heading to see the Hangover - yes I went 2 days in a row. We got there - closed on Mondays...Argh!

So we headed a few blocks towards the Levee and came across Newport Pizza Company - I'd heard a few things about this and thought we should check it out!

It's on the corner on Monmouth and has a small outside seating area as well as about 10 tables inside.

Scott wasn't fond of having his picture taken and kept pushing away the camera and it turned out to be a cool picture!

We ordered a salad and planned on splitting it between the 3 of us. Here's the bone of contention for the evening. The house/caesar salads were approx. $3 each (they don't have a website so I can't look up menu). The server said the other salads were much larger - they were also $6.50 or more so we figured they would be bigger. Well they aren't - we saw our BLT salad and the other's house/caesar - all the same size - yet this was twice the price. It's some lettuce people - good God!

The salad tasted fine but if I'd paid that and thought it was an entree salad - I would have been even more peeved! FYI that's a small probably 6" plate - just for reference.

Now they do have good beers - these are a couple of fancy pants beers that were about $10/bottle but the bottles had probably 3 glasses in each. I think they were both Belgian beers - the boys were very happy. The one on the left has double the alcohol...just fyi.

Finally - the 'za - we got the Monmouth - basically the "combo". Sausage (very good - like really great), pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, bacon, etc...

It's a thinner crust but still not the super crispy thin crust that is my favorite. It was far superior to that of Chi-nnati's from last weekend.

My Dad used to put LOTS of sauce on pizzas and I miss that - it's used so sparingly I don't really remember it. Overall it was a good pizza pie. Probably on par with Deweys - (but not in the salad dept). I like Dewey's unique choices more than the standards...but for a standard this was good.

They also had sandwiches on the menu but we were all in a pizza mood. We got the 16" and we ate all of it with 3 people (they also have a 12" - that's what she said - dammit - sorry - just watched the office.)

I'm still searching for my favorite pizza - I think my two favorites of all time are probably Godfather's Combo - fond memories of it as a child - remember the dude in the commercials? And my other favorite: Pagliai's where I went to college - my best friend and I would get 1/2 pepperoni/green pepper and 1/2 sausage/mushroom. Ahhhhh.

What's your favorite pizza?

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  1. Fin du monde is definitely Belgian and pretty good (and it is a fantastic name).

  2. I am from Iowa City and Pagliai's was by far my favorite. ooohh I miss it. Its so nice to find another Iowan here in Cincy. I love your blog.

  3. Well Sarah - pleased to meet you!!! I'm from West Liberty - we were practically neighbors!

  4. Kudos for the Godfather's reference! I thought I was the only person in Cincinnati that knew about Godfather's. I would kill for their cinnamon dessert pizza!

    It's probably a good thing that there isn't a Godfather's around here or I might have a serious problem.

  5. Oh I know - pagiliai's and godfather's how i miss you both!!!!

  6. i love the newport pizza co as well - i have a post coming sometime :)

    the pic of scott is way cool

  7. oh, my favorite pizza currently is noce's. on the westside, of course.

  8. K - I think you must work for them or something. I just had their pizza and I found it to be mediocre at best. Bud at $2.00 was by FAR their best menu item. The decor looked like an old subway store and the kitchen (like the toilets) was unsanitary. Lat time I will EVER eat there.

  9. Yea, Godfather's was some really good pizza! Newport Pizza company falls way short of that. More like a dressed up frozen Tony's.

  10. I definitely do NOT work for them...but yeah - i'd rather have deweys!