Head First or should I not head there at all?

I work on the edge of downtown - don't ask me which edge - I'm a female and am directionally challenged. That said, there isn't a plethora of places right outside our door and when it's raining - that's about as far as I want to go!

So when it was raining we decided to head out the door and walk about 15 steps and there we were at Head First! It's on 3rd Street right across from the Bengals stadium.

Nearly all of our group got the buffalo chicken wrap. The sandwiches all come with chips... Everybody seemed pleased with their selection.

The special on Wednesday's is meatloaf and it's a favorite of @redrabbit. We were some of the last to get there so there was only 1 left and she got it! I'll have to try for it next time.

I got the Philly Cheesesteak. Well...it was cheesy. This would have been served greatly by toasting the bun. It's a little difficult when I mentally compare it to the Pilot in Hyde Park - it's not even close.

For a bar with food that's 15 steps from my work - it's great...but I'd never go out of my way to go. Although the waitresses are gorgeous - if you're a guy - go and get some beers - you'll be thrilled.

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  1. You really can't go wrong with meatloaf if it is done right with lots of succulence and flavor.

  2. This is probably the only bar left downtown we haven't been in. Everytime we walk past we're like, next time we have to go in and check it out, but never so.
    "the waitresses are gorgeous"
    Hmmmm...next time maybe be very soon.

  3. The waitresses are all a specific "type" and yeah - they're hot.

    It's a good standby - especially you being so close.

    Would I drive from home to eat there? Well no...but after O'Malleys today (blog to come) - Head First just moved up a notch!

  4. There is a bar left in Cincinnati that 5chw4r7z has not been in? Actually I have no idea where this place is and yet it sounds like it is within easy walking distance (living above 5chw4r7z at Parker Flats). I will have to investigate.

  5. I work at 3rd and Plum - it's between me and FRCH - very easy to find...it's a fun little bar...

    i must mention to i got a turkey bacon melt sandwich one other time that i really enjoyed - i would just avoid the philly cheesesteak.