How do you CHIPOTLE? And - your chance for FREE Chipotle!

So there we have it - the question of the day - HOW DO YOU CHIPOTLE?

My favorite - after many combinations:

black beans
mild salsa

Now why is this my choice? Well - trying to eat healthy - so you gotta go bowl. Then black over pinto - not even a question. The pork - well it's the most tender and most flavor IMHO. The mild salsa - I'm a wuss. Lettuce - eh - need some crunch.

Guac - here's the complex answer...okay being healthy I can't have everything - I used to get cheese, sour cream AND guac (yikes!). Now - I only let myself get one. Cheese - can't really taste it on the bowl. So we're down to sour cream and guac - guac is good fat - right? And more flavor - so that's my choice.

Your turn!

Chipotle's tag line - you decide what's inside.

That's naughty.

And awesome.

How do you do your Chipotle? Describe your favorite Chipotle combination in the comments. The best comment (judged solely by me) on this one gets free Chipotle with me!

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  1. 'm kind of a straightforward guy so nothing too crazy. But I probably eat one of the healthier burritos, if any of them could be called healthy.
    Chicken burrito.
    rice, lettuce, black beans; mild,medium and hot salsa.
    Thats it, no cheese and no sour cream.
    I'm crazy like that
    And i wanna lunch with the hussy!

  2. So get Chipolte at least 3x a week cause its near where I work. Actually I order for all three of us freaks. Mine is this:

    Bowl of course
    rice, black beans, Carnitas Baby (yum), mild salsa, Sour cream, Guac...(I know, I know, both are bad) and a wee bit of lettuce for crunch.

  3. Oh, this is easy:

    Steak fajita burrito with...
    ...corn salsa
    ...sour cream
    ...cheese chips and guac.


  4. I have never eaten at Chipotle - can you believe it?!

  5. Here is my favorite. I like going with the soft tacos because they are easier to eat rather than the burritos et al. My meat of choice is carnitas because they are so moist and flavorful and delicious.

    To that I add black beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, corn salsa and hot salsa.

    Then when eating I do liberally add Chipotle Tabasco. It is yumminess all around

  6. Before I tell you my order, lets identify all the people in line ahead of me...

    1.Guy who says his order LOUD and SLLLOW because he figures no one can understand his English at normal speed.
    2. The person ordering for 5 others, which inevitably leads to "oh no, I didnt want the corn salsa on that one!"
    3. The hipster doofus who orders "pollo" instead of chicken, and makes sure to sound it correctly. You're in Ft. Mitchell KY dude, its chicken.
    4. The guy who faxed his order in, who cuts right to the front, who I now hate out of jealousy.

    OK, now onto my selection...
    I would like a bowl... what was that?... oh, to go, please. I'll take blacks beans, extra pollo (callback!), hot salsa (step to the left) cheese, sour cream (step to the left) and lettuce please.

    Come to think of it, this could be a dance.

  7. burrito, almost no rice, no beans, chicken, mild + medium corn salsa, lettuce, cheese.

    that or soft tacos, same way.

  8. re: the Spanish...I've been in the Hyde Park location where the three people in front of me ordered entirely in Spanish. So I followed in turn and busted out what meager High School Spanish I still remember and ordered in Spanish. Thankfully food vocabulary was a strong suit.

  9. I like the barbacoa, with half the rice, add fajita veggies and black beans, corn salsa and pico de gallo, some cheese, a bit of sour cream, and, yes, the guacamole, then put a bunch of Tabasco chipotle on top of the whole thing, in a bowl, with tortilla on the side.

  10. Awesome...a blog about my favorite Chipotle burrito!! You can thank "Twitscoop" for bringing this to my attention.

    I used to eat at Chipotle's about 1-3 times a week until I decided a 1200 calorie meal was toooo much -- so now I just "treat" myself every now and then. So, the first step to getting the best burrito seems to be: Finding the oldest Chipotle in your area!! I don't know what it is about the new ones...they just don't have the flava!

    And my favorite burrito:
    Chicken Fajita Burrito w/
    -- Rice
    -- No Salsa (ruins the taste IMO)
    -- Lettuce

    Now I may have to "treat" myself tonight! :-)

  11. If I'm going, I'm going all out - Bowl, rice, a little bit of pintos, carnitas, green, corn, AND pico, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, two cans of diet pepsi, couch, remote. Perfect! (Can't get away with any of that too often!)

  12. I like everything a little bigger.

    I like big jewelry, I like big purses.

    Naturally, I like big burritos.

    My burrito is a bit of a throwback to my vegetarian days (did you know I was a veg head for two years?), ordering the fajita veggies in my tortilla. However, I like to add some chicken to the mix because I like to get some protein when I can.

    Who doesn't like protein?

    Hold the rice, add the black beans.

    Throw in some mild, chunky red salsa and then the hot salsa verde. Slather the massive creation with guacamole because, if it's good enough for Nigella, it's good enough for me.

    If I am in the mood to REALLY go wild and crazy, I might add some cheese and sour cream. We are, after all, assembling a 1,000,000 calorie creation, and I figure holding the sour cream and cheese is akin to ordering a Bic Mac and Diet Coke.

    If you're going to go big - go all the way. Anything less would be extremely disappointing.

  13. I do it pretty standard... carnitas with black beans and rice... split the salsa b/t mild and medium, slap on some sour cream and lots of cheese... add chips and guac to go.

    Boring, perhaps, but it makes me happy!

  14. This is tough, but my all time favorite is:

    Hard-shell Tacos (theirs are THE BEST)
    Black Beans
    (the rice and beans take TACOS to another level, I'm telling ya)
    Mild Salsa (I'm wuss too!)
    Cheese (the more the better)
    Sour Cream

    Then at the table, for some reasonable heat, I drip on some of that Tabasco Chipotle sauce - oh, yum!

    This is all topped of with Coca-Cola with lime - deliciouso!

  15. I am a kitchen sink kind of gal:
    black beans
    mild salsa

    I know it's got a bajillion calories but darn it if it doesnt call my name everytime I walk through their doors!

    Please pick me. My husband hates Chipotle so I never get to go. I am a good conversationalist, I swear!

  16. I bring in my own large tupperware container and tell them to go down the line and put one scoop of everything in it (double cream, double guac).

    Then I find a table and lay down a poster of Selma Hayek across the top. I pour the contents of my tupperware all over it and then lick it up while singing "God Bless America."

    That is how I Chipotle.

  17. Soft tacos with pork or the veggies (depending on the day), lettuce, mild and medium salsa (because I like the corn and the wetness of the mild salsa), cheese and sometimes sour cream. It's one of those dripping wet, wash your hands after cuz it's impolite to lick your whole hand and eat up the droppings with a fork kinda meal.

  18. I submit my chipotle in haiku form:

    Chipotle is
    Best served with chicken and rice
    plus lots of sour cream

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  20. i do my chipotle tenderly and with great patience. my body and the burrito become one under a waterfall of ecstasy that seems to last all night. having given in to unspeakable cilantro and lime infused passion the evening before, we bask together in the glorious morning light. we think not of our violent an inevitable parting of ways - we simply lay awash in the possibilities of our few remaining hours together.

  21. Okay - the winners - and yes there are 2 - I just couldn't pick!

    WestEnder & SiddFinch

    So I look forward to having some chipotle with each of you!!!!!

  22. I really like the fajita burrito bowl. I get chicken, rice, medium salsa and mild salsa, lettuce and cheese in addition to the peppers. Now only if they offered green and black olives I might be in heaven.

  23. bowl
    fajita veg
    corn salsa
    green salsa
    sour cream

    so good.

    i also get chips to scoop up the bol

  24. Fun! Here's mine:

    ...pinto beans
    ...fajita vegetables
    ...corn salsa salsa