Newest Downtown Spot? You can go Cold Turkey!

My fellow blogger Mark Mascolino let me know about a new spot downtown for lunch and I'm definitely glad he did! Cold Turkey is in the former Frisch's which didn't mean anything to me - but just for y'all that know downtown history better than me.

Local restaurateur Jameson Stewart chatted me up during my lunch and told me that this is his first restaurant. He co-owns and previously worked for Blackfinn and decided to try his hand with his own restaurant.

You'll notice a wide variety of artwork on the walls - it's all for sale - I think you have to inquire with the owners. I really like the fact that it's a nice variety - there's really no theme - it's fun!

This is my favorite piece of idea why but I love it!

I really like the layout. The front is for take-out and has small booths along one wall and a nice counter that faces the kitchen. The chef is out there interacting with everyone so it's fun to watch. The back is more tables and booths - and a performance area. Jameson is a musician and also likes to perform as well as bring in other acts.

Bengals on one wall - flowers on the other!

The menu is sprawled on the wall when you walk in so you can walk up and order takeout - or you can sit and someone will come to you (2nd part is not very obvious - we didn't know until we ordered at the counter and they told us). There is a nice big selection! I like that the website says "no microwaves, no fryers, no freezers".

Diet Mt. Dew - oh how I love thee!

Strawberry Fields Forever: A chilled strawberry soup spiced with rosemary and pepper and topped with a mint garnish. $4

Yogurt Parfait: a tall glass of chilled vanilla yogurt layered with berries and topped with camping mix. Papa Ps favorite. $2

But now - the food! My friend Marla eats like a bird (and weighs about as much as one too). I tried a bite of the soup and it's very strawberry-ey. I'm not a cold soup fan - but it was good for me to try it. Marla agreed that it pretty much just tasted like strawberry - wasn't much of a hint of the other flavors.

The parfait - well - it was a parfait. She liked it though.

The Vegetarian Philly: Sliced, fresh portabella mushrooms soaked overnight in a red wine marinade, stuffed with banana peppers, caramelized onions, diced tomatoes, and melted mozzarella. - $7

This was delicious! I wish it had been a tiny bit hotter...but it was really great. Marla was jealous!

I like the ease of pricing with the menu - it's $7 for sandwiches and salads, $4 for soups and $2 for sides. It's a $10 lunch - which seems pretty typical for downtown - but it's not cheap. I don't think it's out of line - but it's not Subway (fine by me - I'm not a fan).

There are a lot of options and I look forward to going back and trying more. They might be well served to have a greeter or something more towards the front to let folks know they have table service as opposed to order and sit.

Now - how much is that pretty pink & white bird painting?

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  1. Had the Mascolino today: turkey, bacon, swiss, carmelized onions, horseradish mayo on Texas Toast.

    Not bad...some of the onions were crunchy which is unusual for carmelized onions. The horseradish mayo had zero bite. Next time I will add lettuce.

  2. That sounds great! I tend to always go for the hot sandwiches...

  3. awful food, service, and price, artwork does not make up for a lame restaraunt theme and bad food.