Pleasant Ridge goodness known as Emanu!

Emanu is one of my favorite spots in the city - it's so unique and locally owned - which is always a plus! Recently I decided to grab a random smattering of friends and show them the awesomeness that is Ethiopian food.

Emanu serves family style - so the best option is to get a few friends and order a bunch of stuff! We had 5 plus 1 vegetarian who ordered separately. With 5 of us - we ordered 5 dishes - two of the veggie combo, one chicken (doro-watt is my favorite!), one lamb and one beef. As always so fresh and so delicious.

The bread the meal is served with is Injara - it's a spongy texture sort of like a cross between a crepe and a pancake. It's custom to eat with your hands at Emanu. I typically fork the food from the plate onto the bread and then go with my hands. It's a little more palatteable in a big party. I really enjoy the bread - it's such a good compliment to the variety of choices. It doesn't have much flavor yet it's tasty!

My friend over at Veggie Option joined us and ordered the Veggie Combo. It's got greens, cabbage, carrots & green beans, red lentils and yellow lentils. None of the flavors are very strong but they are very tasty. The carrots and green beans are my favorite on their own...the lentils are the best when you combine them with the meat dishes.

We were also celebrating a I brought a couple mini-bottles of champagne because Emanu is BYOB!

Now onto my favorite part of Emanu - the dessert!

They have a summer honey mascarpone cheesecake that is to. die. for. So when you go - ask for the honey cheesecake and have them save you a slice for dessert. It goes quick!

They only had one piece of the honey left so some of our diners had the vanilla bean cheesecake. Everybody was very happy with this selection although they all agreed - the honey was even better!

Last but not least a couple folks were left with the papaya pound cake. They said it was okay but they didn't finish the whole piece so I'm guessing it wasn't near as good as our cheesecakes!

So next time you're looking for something unique - check out Emanu! Also - there is ample street parking on Montgomery.

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  1. I had Emanu with some friends last week and LOVED it!! They were out of the honey cheesecake, so I went with the strawberry, and was really glad I did.

    The best part is that it's a great social experience - not just with friends, but the restaurant staff as well is just so friendly and helpful.

  2. Yeah - the cheesecake is so awesome! Sammy and the rest of the staff are uber-friendly and so warm and welcoming - I love it!