Taco Tuesday!!!!!! Downtown Margaritas - Here We Come!

Downtown lunch on Tuesdays typically means one of two things - Paula's for the Chicken & Wild Rice soup or TACO TUESDAY at Margarita's on 4th!

Margaritas is downstairs in the mall with an entrance on 4th and one in the food court.

First, of course, you get a big bowl of chips & salsa. The salsa is pretty darned good - light, tomatoey and lots of cilantro. The chips could be saltier but I like them.

You can ask for a small side of white queso dip and it's only 99 cents - yumtastic! It's my favorite. Back home there was a Mexican restaurant that had the white queso on top of refried beans - it was soooo good. Anybody know a place that has that?

For Taco Tuesday you can get your choice of hard or soft shell with shredded chicken or ground beef for like $1.10 each. The chicken is fairly light and juicy. I'm always a fan of hard shelled tacos and these are good. There's a nice amount of cheese on them as well. They're a little greasy but i like 'em.

The ground beef is actually my favorite - I think it's very flavorful! These aren't fancy - but you know at $1.10 each - they rock!

They also have a new lunch special - doesn't look too bad!

While Margs isn't the best Mexican in the city - it's the only cheap Mexican downtown and I like it. It's a little greasy, the service can be slow, it's not unique at all - but you know what - it's good!

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  1. Margaritas on Beechmont is closed now. But Dos Amigos moved into the same location. You should try it - it's good.

  2. I agree.

    Dos Amigos is an improvement over the former Margaritas, in my opinion. The food is fresh, well prepared, well proportioned and delicious. Prices are reasonable. The staff is very friendly and attentive. They have a nice large wooden deck with tables and umbrellas for enjoying the food (and excellent beverages) outside during the summer. The whole restaurant is clean and well maintained.I've been back several times, and the quality is consistent. I'm surprised I don't see more diners there ... this must be an undiscovered gem.