$2 Million Giveaway - Bootsy's for Lunch

A very lovely friend of mine (pictured below) told me about the Bootsy's $2 million giveaway. You eat there at lunch and spend $15 and get a $25 gift certificate to another Jeff Ruby restaurant. You eat at dinner and spend $25 and get a $50. There is a catch - you can't combine them and it has to be on 2 entrees.

Every day they pick one of the Ruby's restaurants (Waterfront, Carlo & Johnny's, Precinct, Jeff Ruby) to give to the diners.

The day we went we got The Precinct. Now I spent $20 on lunch and got a $25 gift certificate to the Precinct where I have to buy 2 entrees. Looking at the menu - the cheapest steak item is $32.50 - with no sides. Considering that I have to buy a 2nd entree - we'll get the salmon for $25. Then we might want something other than a piece of cow - $6 for a side. So we're looking at a minimum (if we drink water) of $65-ish plus tip - $75 minus $25 g.c. - so a minimum of $50. So I spend $20 so that I can go and spend $50 more...wow that is a deal! Thanks Jeff!

Here you see the gorgeous and lovely Marla. Now you can't tell but behind her is the man himself - Jeff Ruby! He was sitting behind us with his entourage. It's my 2nd Jeff Ruby sighting while at Bootsy's - 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

John was with us and he chose the "Pick 3" since that was $16 and you have to be over the $15 tag for the deal. He chose the Bawe Burgers (kobe sliders), the Soup of the Day (something with onion) and the Green Day salad (Crispy Calamari, Ginger Soy Vinaigrette, Won Ton Croutons).

* The full menu item of the sliders comes with 3 - for the "Pick 3" it's 1/2 a sandwich - but in the case of 3 sliders - they only gave you one. He was a little disappointed.
* He ordered the soup of the day and was brought the bean & ham. He kept it and didn't say anything because he was on the fence anyway about which to order. But still...waiter guy should listen.

I chose 2 get two items on their own - the first was the Columbia Salad ($10) which I've had before (Smithfield Ham, Emmenthal Swiss, Tomato, Olives, Iceberg, Garlic Vinaigrette). It's a good salad.

* I wish it wasn't just iceberg as I said before.
* The swiss is okay but not my favorite.
* I guess I think it needs a little punch - maybe even just a pepperocini.

To get over my $15 hump - I also got the Spanish Harlem Flatbread - Spanish Sausages, Cheeses, Roasted Onion - $7. I wasn't too sure if "flatbread" meant cracker or pizza so I asked and it's a pizza-ish type of crust. It's baked and then the toppings are added.

* The server said the toppings would be added tableside and then it would be baked more - that didn't happen.
* There's no sauce.
* It's bland - spanish sausage shouldn't be bland.

Marla got the Ruby Roll. She enjoyed it very much. Normally the sauces come underneath but Marla isn't a fan of spicy so she just got them on the side. She really liked it. I got this roll on a previous dinner visit and wasn't too excited by it. Since I didn't eat it - I have no thoughts.

Overall - it wasn't a great lunch. I think that Bootsy's isn't a great deal for lunch. They don't have near as many tapas available and that's the part of their menu I really enjoy. Some of my favorite items aren't on the lunch menu.

And - as I mentioned above - the "$2 million giveaway" is kinda sucky. Give me $25 and I'll probably spend more than that anyway - give me $25 and make me spend $75 - doesn't seem like much of a deal.

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  1. Actually, the precinct includes a side with your steak. That is the difference b/t it and Ruby's. Same price, side thrown in.