City Barbeque Restaurant Review

Last Tuesday after kickball I was so excited - a friend from high school Facebooked me and said he was in town for a couple of days! He lives in Chicago and I haven't seen him in 4+ years!

He knew he was going to be dining with the Food Hussy so I had to be sure and take him someplace good! (no pressure!) We were next to Eastgate Mall so I let him choose between Ban Thai and City BBQ. I pretty much knew - I was dealing with a big Iowa guy - he wasn't going to choose Thai! We headed to the Anderson Township location. They also have locations throughout Ohio.

You go up to the counter and order - the food is prepared fast food style and you take it to your table. On the table is a nice array of sauces - I stuck with the Sweet City sauce - it tends to be my favorite type.

They had a special on the whole rack of ribs which two of our party got. It looked pretty good and both guys cleaned their plates! I knew I couldn't handle that!

My bf and I decided to get pulled pork sandwiches and sides. The macaroni & cheese wasn't felt like it had sat around all day and had no flavor and the noodles were complete mush. The beans were okay. The beans were fine...the cornbread was fine...none of it was shockingly good but it wasn't too bad. I was pretty disappointed in the mac & cheese. The sandwich and pork was good - as was the sauce.

And yes - finally a photo of the Food Hussy and her buddy Darwynn!

Overall - City BBQ was fine. It's no Montgomery Inn but I don't even like that very much. I think I need to try some of the BBQ carts around the city.

Any recommendations?

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  1. When it comes to ribs, City BBQ is, in my opinion, much better than Mont. Inn. That may be blasphemous in Cincy, but I don't care for steamed and dipped ribs like Montgomery Inn.

    The best thing to try, I think, at City BBQ is the brisket. And the sweet tea is great. :)

  2. City does a good job...I prefer their brisket over their pulled pork. Just got back from Atlanta where I had some fantastic ribs.

    Montgomery Inn has never had great ribs in my opinion (and I am not a smoke purist since I have made some great braised ribs) but the Inn's ribs just aren't tender enough for my tastes. The sauce served hot is their saving grace (as is their Saratoga chips).

    For historical interest there was a soul food place on Montgomery in Pleasant Ridge called Manhattan West. They had the most phenomenal ribs I've ever had but sadly they went out of business. Perhaps Polly knows what happened to their recipe/cooking staff because I would love to eat that again.

  3. I agree with Curt and Mark--City BBQ has an excellent brisket. I've never been really impressed with their sides--I think a lot of BBQ places overlook theirs.

    That said; City BBQ actual meat has usually been good quality, solid.

  4. It's weird they call that their Anderson Township location, because that is definitely Eastgate. Anyway, try Lefty's BBQ...not far from where you were. I've not tried it, but he is always sold out by late afternoon so it must be good. It's near St. Thomas More if you can find that.

  5. Liberty BBQ in Loveland. Across from Krogers where lee's chicken used to be on L-Maderia Rd. It's cart BBQ and f-n fantastic. They have weird hours, but are usually open long hours on the weekends. It's worth the trip.

  6. I've been there a few times and my experience was the same: liked the brisket, didn't like the pulled pork so much, and didn't like the mac & cheese at all.

    So basically go there for the brisket.

  7. I, too, find City BBQ to be average. One redeeming factor? The fried pickles <--which I am a total sucker for.