El Rancho Grande Restaurant Review

Headed to Union Center on Friday to chill for some dinner with my friend Jen. We headed past the Ikea turnoff and went to El Rancho Grande.

There's a nice pond out front with a bunch of pretty geese...
It's on the corner of the strip mall across from - but on the same side as - Rafferty's. Pretty easy to find...

Of course you get chips & salsa when you sit - we were lucky enough to get a nice patio high-top. The salsa is good - lots of cilantro - which I like. I would like more salt on the chips...

Jen and I each got vegetarian items. She got a bean burrito with mushrooms, onions, peppers and queso. She was pretty pleased - it's all the same ingredients just in different forms. It did look tasty and I love the queso.

I got the mushroom quesadilla - it was really good. Beans, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers - yeah all the same as Jen got...but again - it was tasty!

We both left happy and full!

I still like Casa Tequila better...but this was pretty darned good!

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